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TXLSFile 4.1 For Delphi Seattle, Berlin, Tokyo Rio Full HOT! Source

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Range protection with more protection scopes in xlsx files. Both Excel and FlexCel uses only two protection scopes. In Excel those scopes are the Cells and Ranges (default) and the full sheet protection scope. Now cells, ranges and sheet protection scopes can be read and written in the xlsx format too.

The last folder. When using the NewFile with TExcelFileFormat.CellXml the result filename will have a.xml extension. That causes the file to be in a v5.xml format, which can be saved without the extension. Since that is not what we want, now if you use the NewFile with that format, the result will also not have a.xml extension. It will use the xml extension as an existing file.

Note. The new XlsFile Intf module uses the TExcelProtectedRanges record as a cache for protected ranges. It will allow in-memorizing of protected ranges instead of reading them from the file each time you use a protected range (for example in an update). So protected ranges will not be leaked as they are now.

Now saving files created with TXlsFile.NewFile(n, TExcelFileFormat.xls) works without asking for a file extension. There were some problems when using filetype-mapping and the Excel web app to force Excel to save files in xlsx format instead of xls format.

Added TFileStream.Seek function. Now you can use this function to avoid/reduce overlapping of when a file is written. Seeks are not required when saving and reading in the same process, but they can be useful if you have to save a file for Excel to access and don't want to bother the user/server writing the file. You need to enable this function in your project's bpl manifest file, by adding the following line: $M+ - Manifest Files . 3d9ccd7d82


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