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a case to share

51 yrs old Male


He has increased the use of computer since the remote working environment started. From February, he is noticing pain in the right elbow on radial side. He tried massage and seitai, but no meaningful relief. He started to feel the pain outside of typing work daily and is noticing declining sleep quality due to stress. His family is worried and brought him to the clinic. He is not good at typing and using computers, His eyes are tired, the energy level is low, and all this puts him more stress. He also complained about the right hip pain and eczema.


Tongue: Heat in SP/ST

Pulse: Slightly floating and slippery

Hara: CV12 has heat, tension, and pain

CV4 is cooler and soft


  1. Thomas test (+)

  2. Chair test (+)

  3. Middle finger extension test (+)

  4. Finger impingement test (-)

  5. Pain on lateral epicondyle (+)


1st treatment:

CV12 (Contact) no change of the pain but the tongue and pulse changed

ST36 (Contact) along the tibialis anterior

LI 11 R (1 cun), the patient said "I feel more aware and clear in my eyes like waking up in the morning" I took the needle out, and checked the pain. 80% pain reduction on the elbow, and the hip pain is also gone.

UB18 (tap) to address the stress


I advised the patient on targeted exercise and what LI11 can do. His family laughs as it is the first time in a while to see him smile.


2nd treatment:

He was able to sleep better and the pain only comes when he uses the computer too long. No more eye strain feelings. Moxa on LI 11 for 7 times and taught him how to do it at home.


3rd treatment:

No more pain on the right elbow, no eye strains, and no eczema.


Tsuyoshi's eye:


Anatomical check:

  1. What movement induces the pain

  2. Wrist extension, elbow extension, and supination of the palm

  3. Where the pain is

  4. Lateral epicondyle

  5. Why it hurts

  6. Increased tension on extensors in the forearm, increased pressure on the attachment of muscles around lateral epicondyle due to typing


Oriental Medicine diagnosis:

Heat stuck in Sp/St. You may think that this is a simple local treatment. However, there are a lot of issues/signs that LI11 is taking care of in this case.


LI11: Eye issue from LI and KI, eczema, hip pain (GB channel), expel wind and heat. Find the sore point between LI7~LI11. If using moxa, do 7~11 times as one set, do them 1~3 sets over the shi un ko (burn cream).


UB18: For any forms of stress


Master Nagano taught me that it is one of 7 points to treat immunity/tonsils. I did not know that he use just one point out of 7, not all 7 to treat any immunity issues. This gave me goosebumps.

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