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April 1, 2021

"Fortify Spleen"

I often see the etiology of COVID 19 related symptoms to be damp heat as I am seeing patients who contracted and recovered from it.  Wuhan is located in the center of the China, it is warm and humid climate. I agree with the speculation that this entity started as Cold Damp and transformed into Damp Heat possibly due to the climate change. 

Regardless of what approach you may take to treat a patient, the core of the body is susceptible to evil damp. Spleen/Stomach is the core, never miss it. 

Feb 1, 2021

Why is it that stomach Qi can support Kidney Qi?  If you are supporting Kidney Qi, what is it that you are exactly trying to do to replenish the finite energy?  The focus should not be replenishing Kidney Qi, rather, more focus should be paid to preserve it.

March 1, 2021

"One can craft the destiny"

I often hear the negative commentary of unfairness of the world in the era of COVID19.  When a person is shallow and immature, fate becomes more apparent in their life.  Meanwhile, a person matures in depth of character and study, destiny may carry their life.   In short, one can imagine and craft their life through their work.  Oriental philosopher, Masahiro Yasuoka left those words. 


I believe in the possibility of crafting our destiny through the cultivation of "yi" or thought in the midst of unfair world.  I revisited the importance of Spleen and Stomach.  

* In Japanese, destiny is written as "carrying life", while fate is "hosting life". 

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