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Te A Te "placing hands" in Japanese reflects the gentle approach of Shimamura sensei.  He combines the acupuncture genius of Master Nagano with a modern approach to body work.  He believes in unraveling the mystery of acupuncture together with colleagues and students.  He would like to share his knowledge of pulse taking, abdominal examination, and sensitive palpation technique to guide acupuncturists to treatment success.

His master's last words was "Passing down the importance of Stomach Qi to the next generation."  He transmits the wonder and potency of Stomach Qi through workshops and podcasts. 


Master Acupuncturist Kiyoshi Nagano decides to work in hospital for the first years of his practice to gain remarkable and fruitful experience of treating difficult patients. He memorized Chinese classics and developed a unique and ingenious clinical approach that incorporated classical concepts and emergent insights from Western medicine.

Over the course his clinical practice - using his unmatched palpation and pulse taking - he adopted ingenious acupuncture strategies for changing diseases of 20th century.

He was a mentor to two of the most important Japanese acupuncture teacher: Kiiko Matsumoto and Tsuyoshi Shimamura.

Master Nagano passed away in 2001.

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