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In the Spirit of Master Nagano: Core Concepts and Protocols

In the Spirit of Master Nagano: Core Concepts and Protocols

Provided here for for free are the full video materials for Tsuyoshi Shimamura's course, 'In the Spirit of Master Nagano: Core Concepts and Protocols'. Please note that if you've completed the course video and would like to earn the relevant 2 CEUs, this course can be purchased through our Continuing Education website at Another 2 CEU course from Tsuyoshi Shimamura, 'Opening the Diaphragm: A Master Balancing Method for the Body', can be found at Course Description: For over 50 years, Master Kiyoshi Nagano used his extraordinary palpation and pulse diagnostic skills to develop unique & ingenious acupuncture strategies. Often referred to as a trailblazer and seen as unorthodox in his theory and style, he mentored Tsuyoshi Shimamura in the last years of his life. In this program, Mr. Shimamura will share his knowledge and experience of this style that uniquely combines classical and modern insights. This introductory course is ideal for practitioners and students (no experience necessary) who feel called to work in a gentle manner that is informed both by classical and modern sources. The value of studying with a master practitioner like Shimamura sensei is that you can leap ahead years in your development in a short time! Practitioners will learn: • The foundation of Master Nagano’s treatment methods and strategies: Postnatal Qi & Prenatal Qi, Concepts of flow • How to use acupuncture points to diagnose and treat • Understand when to “treat” vs. “balance” the body in regards to musculoskeletal treatment • Enhanced understanding of how acupuncture points move/change & how to locate them • Review of muscle origins/insertions, including muscle membrane and inflammatory concepts & application to patient function • Enhanced palpation techniques, essential to detect changes in tissue and location of acupoints


Thank you for your interest in our acupuncture style. Get in touch with us for any questions or comments regarding setting up seminars and published contents.

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