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Tiny Cute Teens __EXCLUSIVE__

The cutest short hairstyles for girls feature ear to neck-length cuts that make it easy for your young lady to maintain and manage her locks daily. Keeping their strands away from their adorable faces (and at the same time making them look like little princesses!) should be your top priority to make their movements less hassle and daily activities more fun!

tiny cute teens

A neck-length, a-line bob is one of the most adorable styles you can do on naturally straight hair. A straight bob cut keeps the hair off their body and face for a less hassle look. These cute short haircuts for girls/kids are easy to wear, too!

Keep it above the nape for a breezy yet elegant feeling. This one-length cut looks gorgeous on girls with short hair and a cute middle part! As they give the appearance of fullness, short girl haircuts like this are ideal for thin, fine locks.

This angled bob on short curly hair proves you can have sophistication and cuteness in one cool hairstyle! This cut is ideal for wavy to curly hair, as it takes the weight away yet leaves some for a chic look.

This short haircut is a layered bob with face-framing and a brow-length fringe. The cutest part of this short hairstyle is how I slightly stacked the back to give it a nice round shape. Also, this haircut needs little to no daily styling to look nice.

One of the best short haircuts for little girls is an asymmetrical pixie cut. The cutest thing about this cut is you have options with style. This is one of the simple and easy short hairstyles for girls to style. Use KMS Playable Texture to style. It gives her hair the right about of volume without having the feeling of too much product in her hair. With this cut, you have to be committed to keeping up with the clipped side of the head. This cut is very face-framing and really complements little girls with round faces.

We put so much thought and care into baby girl names, but how often do family members actually call them by their name? Instead, parents seem to have an endless stream of pet names for their little girls ready at a moment's notice. Often, we don't know what's going to come out of our mouths until we hear ourselves say it. Here are 150 of the cutest, funniest and most creative girl nicknames for your little one.

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