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Decca Legends 97CD _HOT_

97 1 High Z2192 Z2193 Z2194 Z2195 Z2196 Z2197 Z2198 Z2488 Z2489 Z2490 t le" IL_ GP 27 Park Road, Southampton UC.) TQI: (0703) Fax: (0703) SENUATIUNAL...1 Wagt.11M L4111r Switches TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE KEYBOARDS CODE NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE Z4354 Computagraph Colourwriter panel 352x67x12mm. Ally frame supports a membrane keyboard which has 22 keys. On the rear of the panel are 6 yellow submin LED's, a 3mm red LED and 2519W edge conns. Only 1.00 Z4363 Membrane keyboard 225x84mm with 11 keys & 60p each 2 others. Output (common bus) on 12 way ribbon cable. Could be cut down to 95x70mm if only 1-9 needed. Only 1.50 Z keypads. These are packed in pairs - both have 12 keys, but the legends are different: (a) 0-9 ' and # and (b) MO LIMU B LOS F WU A and a couple of symbols. They have the graphite coated rubber membrane, but no PCB. Z key Keypad and case. 0-9, F others in angled case 260 x 110 x 30mm that screws to Z9168 above. (see pic). On the PCB, apart from the keys are 80C32, TC Prom, 7812 and 10 other chips. SWITCHES: CODE NO. DESCRIPTION Z798 Large reed switch, 50.8mm long body. Rated 5A 400V max. Z1689 DP Mains switch rated 5A 250V. Z1837 Lightweight push button switch. Double pole momentary action. 15.8mm sq cut-out. Uses Y13/4 wedge lamps. Supplied with our Z V 1.2W. Lens available in white, red, green, blue or yellow. Z2107 Key switch. Single pole 4 way rated 2A 250V ac. Z2108 PCB mntg rotary switch. 4 pole 3 way by C & K. Z2134 Highland-Airpax circuit breaker rated 30A 250V. Size mm, screw terminals. Z2140 4P 3W rotary switches (cat type W025) with cut down (10mm) shaft, pc mounting. Z2188 Digital switch. PICO-D-301-AK2. BCH Digital switch. SMC-D-301-AK2. BCH.22x7.5x34. Z2191 Digital switch. DPS8-111-AK2. DEC Z2341 Z2361 Z2485 Z2486 Z2487 Digital switch. SMC-137-AK2. BCD Digital switch. DPS9-13I -AK2. BCD Digital switch. DPS9-301-AK2. BCD Digital switch. DPS9-111-AK2. DEC Digital switch. MHE-30I -AK2. BCH Digital switch. MIC0-131-AL2. BCD End checks (grey only) to match Z2193, Left and right hand. Free until stocks exhausted with any orders for Z2193/4/5. Low cost 4 pole changeover DIP switch, 16DIL. Use screwdriver to change position to 1, 2 or off. Amazing value! Heavy duty push switch - push to change over, locking. Needs 12mm hole. Plunger is 8mm dia x 9mm high. PCB mntg keyboard click switch, low profile, only 3.8mm thick. 10mm sq. SP make. Burgess type V12K mm, short lever SPCO, probably 15A rating. Honeywell heavy duty with brass screw terminals and brass threaded plunger. SPCO rated 15A 380V ac. Std 5A microswitch with roller lever on steel bracket with steel plunger. Std 5A microswitch with plastic assembly enabling operation by blowing down tube. 2 std 5A microswitches on plastic bracket with lever arrangment. Operate each switch by blowing or sucking. Z5552 Big red 'STOP' push switch. Contacts (screw terminals) handle 600Vac 20A. Locking, push to break, pull to make. Needs 30mm die fixing hole. Red knob is 40mm dia Z3529 Small keypad PCB others Red/White/Grey Keytops Only 2.00 PRICE Pack of / / / k/ for 1.00 Only 2.50 Only for 1.00 Only 2.00 Pack of 4 for Only 1.00 Pack of k for for for 1.00 Only 1.50 Only 1.20 Only 1.50 Only Z2624 Push button. Red Z2625 Z5160 Z5086 Z2491 Z2492 Z2493 Push button. Black. 10.5x7.4x14.8. Z2626 Push button. Red Z2627 Push button. Black Z2628 Push button. Red Z2633 Push button. Red Z2634 Push button. Black Z2635 Push button. Black for k k for k k for k k for k k for k k for k k for k k for k k Z2641 Fine quality switch, push -on, push off rated 3A 3 for V ac. I 1m dia body and big bright red button k mm dia. Excellent value! Z024 80mm dia x 45 total depth. SPC switch rated only 80p 16A 250 Vac. Z4185 Switch, high current, 11 terminal device. It's 6 Only 60p positions give a variety of connections. Data supplied. Standard 0.375* bush & ki" spindle. Rated 2A 250V, 3A, 125V or 10A 20V ac. Z switches, 6 interlocking (4x4PCO. lx DPCO lx 3 for PC0); and 2 independent (both OPCO). No knobs. Rotary switch. Similar 3 position. Klippon SAKR 240V 10A isolating switch 4mm. Single pole heavy duty push switch with screw terminals made by Burgess, type KB5-A2. The above switch mounted in a plastic box mm with plunger assembly. Very large light action rocker switch, SPCO. Lever is 43mm square. Clip fix mounting. Unimax high quality illuminated push switch, DP Z2498 contacts. Needs 16mm dia fixing hole and takes wedge lamps. with green (22498G), Orange (Z2498R) or black (22498B) bezel. Z2499 Neat limit switch with lever and microswitch 4 for 1.00 action, 1 pr make and 1 pr break contacts. 18.5x10x7.8mm. Lever is 30mm long. Z2602 Push switch. 8PCO. PCB/ST Push switch. 6PCO. PCB/PCB. Z2604 Z2605 Z2606 Z2609 Z2611 Z2612 Z2613 Z2614 Z2617 Z2623 Z3056 Single pole changeover keyswitch, Needs 16mm dia hole No nuts! 75p Push switch. 6PCO. PCB/PCB. Push switch. 6PCO. PCB/ST. Push switch. 4PCO. LPCB/ST. Push switch. 4PCO. PCB/ST. Push switch. 4PCO. PCB/PCB. Push switch. 2PCO. EPCB/ST. Push switch Push switch Push switch Push button Code 2 keys supplied. 1991A Z3530 Hairspring microswitch. Needs only a couple of grams to operate it. Rated 5A 240V ac, 24V DC SPCO. Size 31.5x16.1x19mm. 80mm long lever PCO. EPCB/ST. 2PCO. LPCB/ST. 2PCO. PCB/ST Black Only 1.00 Box of k for Only 1.60 Only 2.00 Only 1.00 each 2.00 per pack 100+,08 lk per pack k per pack k per pack k per pack k per pack k per pack k per pack k per pack k per pack k per pack k for k k SWITCHES & RELAYS VP174 VP114 VP115 Qty Description 1 Calculator keypad 24 way data matrix output 5 Min slide switch DPDT 2 Min latching push button 3A SPST, Red top 2 Min latching push button 3A SPOT, Red top 5 DB switches way shde 6 way SPST, assorted 1 Coax Antenna Switch 3 WAY pass fitter/suppressor CB/TV Price E2.00 E1.00 E1.50 E1.50 E1.00 (4.75 E Made by Devlin, this keyboard has 94 keys (18 without caps: 20 with removable tops) and runs of a single 5V supply. Serial ASCII output + switch to emulate AT and XT keyboards each Z3528 Illuminated push switch (no tops), size 18.5mm square. SP reed 13mm long operated by magnet 8x3x1.5mm. Bi-pin T1 (1.27mm) 12V lamp is 3.7mm dia x 9mm long. Pack of ;

Decca Legends 97CD



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