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U-he Diva Serial Number Macl =LINK=

To retrieve the serial numbers for your purchased u-he products, or to get a new set of download links for your purchased u-he soundsets, all you need to do is submit the email address your products are registered to into the form on the My Licenses page on our website.

U-he Diva Serial Number Macl

  • Our system will then send an email to your inbox within 1-2 minutes, this email will contain the following information: The user name your licenses are registered to

  • The serial numbers for your purchased u-he products

  • A set of download links for your purchased u-he soundsets

To remove all demo limitations, enter your name and a valid serial number as shown in your product license email. We recommend using copy & paste to enter the serial number to avoid any typos or regional encoding problems.

A serial number can be purchased via the respective product page. Once you have your serial number, open the plug-in in your DAW/host. Demo versions of the plug-in will show a nag screen on launch. Select the the middle option that reads enter your serial number, and copy & paste the details from your product license email.

If you do not see the nag screen, then click on the plug-in's Data Display (the information window usually along the top of the interface which shows the current patch name, parameter values etc) and select Enter serial number from the top of the list.

When you enter your registered name and serial number into the plug-in, it writes a key file with the license to your hard drive. When you open the plug-in, it will load its license from that file. That's all.

You can retrieve your serial numbers by visiting the My Licenses page on our website. Enter the email address you used to purchase your u-he software and our system will send you a list of all your registered serial numbers.

After removing the previous registration, to register with different information load a new instance of the plug-in. You will be presented with the demo nag screen where you can enter your name and serial number.

After purchasing a u-he plug-in from a reseller, you will need to download the installer and get your serial number. To get your serial number please redeem the registration code you received from the reseller.

Yes. When you purchase one of our bundles, you are purchasing individual plug-ins. Our bundles only act as a convenient way to buy a large number of plug-ins at one time at a discount. Each plug-in is downloaded separately and receives an individual serial number. There is no universal bundle serial to unlock all the included plug-ins. You can transfer ownership of any of the plug-ins in the bundle as per our regular transfer policy. See: Q: Can I transfer my u-he plug-in licenses to someone else?

For now, you will have to remove our plug-ins manually by deleting a number of files and folders in several locations. The following example uses Diva, but it will work for any other u-he plug-in if you substitute "Diva" with the corresponding plug-in name.

As part of the update to the website, we removed the previous version of the user accounts. Now, to access your license information, serial numbers and downloads visit the My Licenses page and enter your email address. We will then send an email with this information to you.

Visit the My Licenses page on and enter your email address. Our system will send you an email with a list of the products you registered to that email address, including your serial numbers and soundset download links.

To authorize your product, load it in your favourite host software and click the button enter your serial number. Then copy & paste the name and serial number from the license email into the plugin and click Apply.

Each DiVA player has a unique serial number that is based on its MAC address. Each player has also a device name, set by default to the player serial number, displayed and configurable within the DiVA Control Center interface.

In short, serial terminal programs make working with microcontrollers that much simpler. They allow you to see data sent to and from your microcontroller, and that data can be used for a number of reasons including troubleshooting/debugging, communication testing, calibrating sensors, configuring modules, and data monitoring. Once you have learned the ins and outs of a terminal application, it can be a very powerful tool in your electronics and programming arsenal.

ASCII - Short for the American Standard Code for Information Interchange's character encoding scheme, ASCII encodes special characters from our keyboards and converts them to 7-bit binary integers that can be recognized by a number of programs and devices. ASCII charts are very helpful when working with serial terminals.


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