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Mmoexp FUT 24:let's talk about a potential goalkeeper

Yo guys, today we're going to be discussing my EA FC 24 Coins predictions for Team of the Week 7. But before we dive into that, if you're new to the channel, Be sure to follow MMOEXP and subscribe for more FC 24 content.Now, let's talk about Team of the Week 6 and some of the standout players.

We had Antoan Griman, who was absolutely insane, Greta, who performed great, Frong, who was amazing, and Openda, a cheap alternative to his other item. The rest of the cards didn't generate much excitement. However, the value of some of these cards was significant, with Openda priced at around 40K, Griezmann at 600K, Greta at over 150K, and Fong at 88K. Personally, I was lucky enough to pack Frong, and he has been a fantastic addition to my team.

But now, let's shift our focus to the Foot Centurions promo. As you all know, this promo introduced some insane cards. However, most of these cards, like Hul, Jinho Smith, Rashford, and Mendy, are incredibly difficult to pack. The pack weight for these players is woeful, and their prices are skyrocketing. In particular, the Marta SBC that was released is extremely overpriced. It seems like EA missed the mark with this one, and I strongly advise against completing it. The value simply isn't there.

Nevertheless, as promised, I'll be sharing my predictions for Team of the Week 7. So, let's get into it.

First up, we have Jude Bellingham. This player has been on fire lately, consistently scoring goals and carrying Madrid in the attack. He recently scored two goals in the L Classico 2-1 win, including a last-minute winner. Bellingham already has an 87-rated Team of the Week card, as well as an 88-rated Trailblazer card. The Trailblazer card is quite pricey due to its card type and the change in play style from Relentless to Technical. If Bellingham receives another Team of the Week card, it would likely be a cheap alternative to his Trailblazer card, but still quite expensive, possibly exceeding 500K.

Next, we have Harry Kane, who had an outstanding performance with a hat-trick and an assist in Bayern's 8-0 win. Kane already has a Team of the Week card, and interestingly, his card has the Incisive Pass trait rather than a shooting trait. With 94 shooting, he's a deadly scorer. Kane also has a Trailblazer card, which is pricier due to a massive Pace boost and the Power Shot play style plus. If Kane receives another Team of the Week card, it won't match the quality of his Trailblazer card, but it will still be an excellent option for players looking for a cheaper alternative.

Edian CA, the star boy from Arsenal, is next on the list. He cheap EA FC Coins scored a hat-trick in Arsenal's 5-0 win and deserves a spot in the featured Team of the Week. CA already has an Evolution card, which can be upgraded to an 86-rated in-form striker. However, the cost to upgrade the card is quite expensive, around 50K or 1,000-2,000 FIFA points. As an Arsenal fan, I'm personally considering completing the upgrade, especially if CA receives another Team of the Week card. It would be interesting to see how the stats on this card change since Evolution cards upgrade differently from normal cards.

Moving on, we have Ler Roan, who could potentially be included in Team of the Week 7 instead of Harry Kane. Roan scored two goals and provided an assist in Bayern Munich's 8-0 win. His gold card at the start of the game was already brilliant, and this potential Team of the Week card would likely be positioned as a left winger. Roan's shooting and passing stats would receive a significant boost, which would make him a formidable player in-game.

Now, let's talk about a big player, Kylian Mbappe. The likelihood of him receiving a Team of the Week card is slim, as EA tends to only award Mbappe with an in-form card if he scores a hat-trick. Although he came close to scoring three goals, he missed a penalty, which could hinder his chances. Mbappe already has a Trailblazer card, which boasts a Power Shot play style plus, making it a coveted item priced at 5 million coins. His gold card, on the other hand, has the Quickstep play style plus and is valued at 3 million coins. If Mbappe does receive a Team of the Week card, it would be similar in stats to his gold card but without the Power Shot play style plus,and it would likely be priced around the same range as his gold card.

Lastly, let's talk about a potential goalkeeper for Team of the Week 7. Andre Onana had an outstanding performance for Ajax, making several crucial saves to secure a clean sheet. He has been performing consistently well this season, and it wouldn't be surprising to see him included in the Team of the Week. Onana already has an 86-rated card, which is quite affordable and performs decently in-game. If he receives another in-form card, it would likely be an upgrade to his existing card, boosting his stats and making him an even better option for players in need of a solid goal


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