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Note that changes will be reviewed and judged. If your changes are legitimate, changes will occur within the next BacDive update. Only proposed changes supported by the according reference will be reviewed. The BacDive team reserves the right to reject proposed changes.

374 mp4

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To better serve you, all drawings, installation instructions, and maintenance, manuals for WSPS kits where Magellan owns the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), are now available on this website, using the links in the Installation Documents portal below.

Product support documents for WSPS kits for which Magellan does not own the STC, must be obtained from the STC/TC holder. Only Definition of Product documents for these kits are available on this website.

These documents are the property of Magellan Aerospace and may not be copied or communicated to a third party or used for any other purpose other than for which they are supplied without the express written authority of Magellan Aerospace.

It is acknowledged that the WSPS provides a measure of protection for the helicopter against impact from damage for horizontally strung mechanical, electrical, and communication cables. The best defence is avoidance!

It is acknowledged that it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that WSPS installation instructions are of the latest appropriate and corresponding revision. Updates are available from

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MSRI has been supported from its originsby the National Science Foundation,now joined by the National Security Agency,over 100 Academic Sponsor departments,by a range of private foundations,and by generous and farsighted individuals. MSRI is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law.

Euronics Italia SpA. Sede legale Via Montefeltro, 6/a 20156 Milano Partita Iva, Codice Fiscale e iscrizione CCIAA Milano Monza Brianza Lodi n. 13337170156. Codice intermediario SDI: HHBD9AK. Vendite soggette agli Artt. 45 e ss del Codice del Consumo in tema di Diritti dei Consumatori. 041b061a72


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