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Who Buys Books In Bulk Free

At Ziffit we offer fantastic prices on wholesale books, so whether you are hoping to raise some money for a particular cause or need to free up lots of space in your home fast, selling wholesale books has never been easier.

who buys books in bulk

Similarly, the more convenient it is to sell your books, typically the less you'll get paid for them. The harder you've got to hustle to get the best price the more you can, in theory, profit. But you have to know if it is worth your time.

Typing in one of these codes isn't much of a hassle, but if you've got LOTS of books to sell it may become so. If you've got a lot of books to sell I suggest using one of the places below which has an app which is designed to scan the books bar codse. This will help you when you've got lots of books, just to save time and sanity, at least when possible.

In fact, when you type in the ISBN of your book it compare prices from over 35 book-buying websites making it easy for you to find the site which is paying the most for your books. This price comparison will save you a lot of time.

There are two ways to sell books on Amazon. The first is to sell your books as a third party seller (The second way is for textbooks, and is mentioned lower on the page).The link I've provided is to Amazon itself and explains in greater detail the process, but basically you need to set up a sellers account and then list your books for sale.

They pay the most for more recent publications and those that are in high demand, but will buy all your books, not making you haul some of them away that don't meet their standards. But the ones that they decide not to sell won't of course, give you much if any cash and they'll donate them or recycle them. But you don't have to deal with disposal for any not worth anything!

Textbooks quickly get out of date, so be prepared to only sell relatively new ones, typically within the last 3-5 years. If your textbooks are very old then it is highly unlikely you'll find a willing buyer amongst this list because a new edition will most likely have come out making your textbooks obsolete.

If you're lucky enough to have a book or books though that these companies want, they'll pay you pretty well for them. I suggest putting the ISBN number for your books into several of these sites below to see which one will give you the best price. Since it just takes a couple keystrokes to get quotes it's worth the time investment. claims to pay top dollar for your used textbooks. Enter your ISBN number, receive a quote and get a free shipping label to mail your books in. You can receive your payment in a direct deposit, check or store credit. buys mainly textbooks, although they also buy a few other books as well. The website is also available as an app, and it allows you to put in the ISBN of a book and will tell you what they will pay for that title.

As part of the trade-in program you can search on by title, keyword or ISBN (displayed near the barcode) for your book but they will only accept certain titles. If your book is listed, you will get a free shipping label and Amazon will pay in the form of an Amazon gift card for books that they accept.

In addition, if you decide it is just too much work to sell your books while you're decluttering, you can also check out my article on the top 13 places to donate used books so they still get out of your home and to someone who can appreciate and use them.

Are you a student with a pile of books that you no longer need or an author with excess inventory of your new publication? Selling your books in bulk can be an effective way to declutter your space and make some extra money very quickly.

Revise your collection of books and scope out potential buyers: After organizing your book collection, look for possible bulk buyers who might be interested in your books. These could include local bookshops, online retailers, educational institutions, libraries, or even book clubs.

Spread the word about your book collection: To cast a wider net, think about promoting your books on online platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace. Doing so will help you reach more potential buyers and boost your chances of selling your books in bulk.

BookDeal is an excellent online platform for selling textbooks in bulk. We offer a quick and easy way for students and educators to get rid of their used textbooks and make some money in the process.

To sell books in bulk on Amazon, you need to create a seller account and list your books. Amazon offers two selling plans: the Individual plan, which is suitable for sellers who want to sell fewer than 40 items per month, and the Professional plan, which is suitable for sellers who want to sell more than 40 items per month.

Selling books in bulk on Amazon can be profitable, as the platform has a large customer base and offers competitive prices. However, it requires more effort than selling on BookDeal, as you need to handle shipping and customer service.

eBay is a popular online marketplace that allows individuals and businesses to sell products, including books, in bulk. It offers a user-friendly platform for selling both new and used books, making it an excellent choice for sellers.

To sell books in bulk on eBay, you need to create a seller account and list your books. You can either sell your books a lot or offer them as individual listings. eBay offers various shipping and payment options, making it easy to manage your sales.

Authors can team up with Ingram to distribute their books in bulk via multiple channels, such as print-on-demand, e-book distribution, and wholesale distribution. Additionally, Ingram offers marketing and promotional services to help authors get their books noticed.

BookBaby is a self-publishing platform that extends distribution services to authors, helping them sell their books in bulk to retailers and libraries. With a partnership with Ingram, BookBaby distributes books and also enables authors to sell via their online store. The platform offers various services, including book formatting, cover design, and marketing.

IndieBound is a network of independent bookstores that provides book distribution services to authors. By joining forces with IndieBound, authors can sell their books in bulk to indie bookstores nationwide. The community also offers marketing and promotional assistance for authors.

Catering to libraries, schools, and retailers, OverDrive is a digital content distribution platform. Authors can collaborate with OverDrive to sell e-books and audiobooks in bulk to libraries and educational institutions. OverDrive also lends marketing and promotional support to authors.

At trade shows and events, big corporations often hand out freebies like mugs and pens. Authors can persuade these corporations to give away their books or sell paperbacks in bulk at discounted prices.

Authors can co-brand their books with non-profits to sell paperbacks in bulk. This way, the non-profit can add its logo to the cover, and its corporate sponsors can buy and distribute copies to members and partners.

We've had the privilege over the past 18 Years of putting over 7 Million books into readers' hands & have built the best team who are passionate about making the bulk book buying experience as easy and effortless as possible for you.

We find immense amounts of joy in saving money for and meeting the needs of a wide range of bulk book-buying clientele that includes anyone from Teachers, Authors, Business leaders, and Events Planners to Educational Institutions, Government & Political Organizations, 501c3s, and Libraries. If interested, be sure to read their reviews here!

With the best customer service in the bulk wholesale buying game, we provide a variety of special services for our clients, including the ability to pay with Purchase Orders, Rush Order Delivery for Events, Free & Special Shipping accommodation, Affiliate Sales Shops for Bulk Book Resellers, Event Planners, and Authors, and more!

There are many organizations that are always looking for books, or you can drop off a book in a local Little Free Library. Or, donate your books to prisons. If none of these is an option, we have a few ideas for how to repurpose your used books.

In the introduction, I talk about some of the impacts of the coronavirus on publishing, authors, and bookstores. Publishing Perspectives has some good coverage, including this article on the impact in Italy. Plus, The New Publishing Standard is covering a lot, too.

David Chilton is the author of finance books, The Wealthy Barber and The Wealthy Barber Returns, as well as being a venture capitalist on Canada's Dragon's Den. His self-published books on finance have sold over 5 million copies. David now has a number of courses out on bulk sales and nonfiction book marketing, which we're talking about today. You can find them at my affiliate link:

Joanna: David Chilton is the author of finance books, The Wealthy Barber and The Wealthy Barber Returns, as well as being a venture capitalist on Canada's Dragon's Den. His self-published books on finance have sold over 5 million copies. And David now has a number of courses out on bulk sales and nonfiction book marketing, which we're talking about today.

I ended up going to Fitzhenry & Whiteside, a Canadian publisher then, and Harper & Collins, Harper Collins. And they both said yes. They both liked The Wealthy Barber, but they wouldn't give me control over the corporate sales market, the bulk sales market.

And it's interesting, at the time this happened, so we're talking 29 years ago, I thought this would become a very conventional type of deal structure where I controlled the corporate sales, was able to buy books from them at just above cost, but they control the retail and paid me a conventional royalty.

And then I ended up helping two young sisters from Canada to self-publish a series of cookbooks. And they went on to set all kinds of records. They've sold millions and millions and millions of books, self-publishing the cookbooks, too. So the kind of marketing we've used, obviously, has been effective. I think we've put out seven books out of the office, and they've all gone directly to number one. 041b061a72


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