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The Tru-Test Alleyway Platform AP600 is a portable aluminum platform to use in alleyways. Its low profile design enables livestock to naturally walk onto the platform without hesitation - there are no sharp edges or sides. Measures 24" wide x 87.5" long. Designed to be used with the MP600 load bars.

In this lecture, senior environment artist Devon Fay takes you through his process of creating complex and believable CG environments. He starts at the very beginning with the development of an idea with research, reference and exploration. Devon then discusses how to expand on your ideas with clear steps towards working efficiently and creatively. Topics include reference gathering, blocking-out scenes through effective layout techniques, modeling, lighting, texturing, painting, rendering and the exploration of new tools. Through this project, Devon demonstrates how to get the full benefits of programs that include Maya, VRay, Photoshop, ZBrush, and others. As his science fiction inspired alleyway is full of narrative detail, Devon explains the importance and application of composition, set dressing, storytelling, realism and the final post techniques that create an immersive environment. By the end of the lesson and demonstration, artists should have a clear idea of how to approach detailed environment work for production.

Close your eyes and picture an alleyway. What do you see How do you feel How quickly do you want to transition your mind to something else It is likely that your imagination was less than flattering, eliciting scenes of a drab corridor lined with trash, rats, weeds, and telephone poles. While this is an unfortunate reality in some alleyways, it hardly represents the full potential of what they can be. This is especially true in Chicago, where alleyways span many scales, forms, characters, and uses.

Regularly clogged with semi-trucks and dumpsters, comfortable space is uncommon within urban service alleyways. Combine this with their inherently dark and damp character, and it is clear why this alleyway typology does not often lead to pedestrian usage. However, in areas short on space, removing trash and delivery from primary thoroughfares has served Chicago well.

Granite or clay brick pavers replaced the wooden block as the primary material for alleyway pavement. Only granite pavers survived a century of use in the streetscape, while examples of clay pavers still remain in neighborhoods like Logan Square. Pavers provide several benefits: durability, ease of repair, and subgrade access that is typically limited by asphalt and concrete pavement.

It is reasonable to have previously viewed alleyways as spaces of utility and grime, rarely differentiating much from one to another. It is also important to recognize the potential of alleyways to become vibrant places of social life, creative expression, and even greater utility. In a city like Chicago, where foresight and a comprehensive approach to planning has yielded an extensive and uniform network of alleyways, looking to local successes in environmental, commercial, and art-based adaptations is crucial. The 1,900+ miles of alleyways in Chicago should not just be looked at as a health and safety asset, but also as an asset in cultural, commercial, and environmental progress.

Hidden in between and behind shiny high-rises, massive station complexes and other architectural monsters, Tokyo's old-school alleyways or yokocho are treasure troves for anyone looking to experience the city's less sterile, more down-to-earth side.

The City of Negaunee is announcing its 2022 Alleyways Pavement Project. This project will pave nearly 70% of all alleyways within the city. Alleys chosen were based on whether any scheduled utilities repairs or projects would take place within the next 20-years. Additional alleyways that are not part of this project will be replaced as early as 2024, during a scheduled sewermain replacement project. 59ce067264


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