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Nikolai Lobanov
Nikolai Lobanov

Black Cat 720p |BEST|

As it turns out I share living space with a mostly Black Cat who is the friendliest creature you could ever meet. The concept of poor Bela Lugosi being so afraid of one is something I really can't wrap my mind around. But a tribute to the folks who made that Gothic horror movie magic at Universal Pictures, he really does convince you there is something evil in the creature. That fear does prevent him from getting to the mission of his business at hand.That mission is two fold, to find what became of his wife and daughter and to kill Boris Karloff who has built a fortress like dwelling on the sight of a battlefield from the Great War. Karloff is a worshiper of Satan and black mass rituals are held in his place. But what he's done to Lugosi's wife and daughter are reason enough for him to kill Karloff.Caught up in all of this are American honeymooners David Manners and Julie Bishop. They're traveling on the same train as Lugosi and when Bishop gets injured they're forced to stay at Karloff's. One look at Bishop and you know Karloff's got something in mind for her that ain't good.The story of The Black Cat gets a bit confused in the telling, but the atmosphere of evil in Karloff's castle can't be surpassed, another triumph for the Gothic horror masters at Universal Studios.

Black Cat 720p

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