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A case of the February month: Neuropathy

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Patient A, 16 years old female. Non-hodgkin's lymphoma, 4 years of chemotherapy resulted in neuropathy in both feet.

C/C: stiff and painful ankles. Pulse: soft and slightly rapid. Tongue: scalloped and pale. She is unable to lift her toes due to atrophy in tibialis anterior and stiffness in achilles tendon and gastrocnemius. Internal rotation of hip is tighter than external rotation of hip. Tension in periumbilical areas.

Tx: Guasha on ST line over the anterior tibialis. Dashin on whole lower leg on UB line.

Needle: bilateral GB25, Sho hen, UB25, GB29 Posterior. Cupping on Du line T12-L5.

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