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How to Unlock All DLC Cars and Tracks in Gran Turismo 5 with a Game Save Editor

however, the only real worry that i have is that gran turismo 7 isnt online, and ive come from a long history of online games, so there is a possible fear that i wont be able to continue my online gaming career as well as i used to if i werent on the ps5. on the other hand, im willing to bet that most of you here that like me are tired of the grind and not willing to buy-in some of the vehicles and parts. ive been there in the past, and wasnt willing to do so for a reason. im not going to do so anymore. it may not be online, but that doesnt change the fact that there is a grind. anyone can buy every single vehicle and tuning parts to get a car that can beat the game on its own. im not going to do that.

gran turismo 5 game save editor


so in conclusion, polyphony im sure is looking at this from a different perspective that maybe we as fans of the series are looking at it from. but when we look at it from the perspective of polyphony, theyve made it clear that its a non-issue with the ps5 because of online games, and i think that im not alone when i say that. but i think that if polyphony does really take this idea of game saves and modify them for the ps5, i think that would be a great move, but its a risk theyve taken before that may not pay off, and only time will tell.

hopefully, we get the complete gran turismo 7 game save editing tool and we can see for ourselves how it works, and if polyphony works on that as theyve promised. and if they do, then i think that would be a great thing, and you know what? if they fail at that, we can all move on. i just hope that the player base doesnt fall apart and gets too lazy, and only plays the game when it comes out on the ps5. its a huge accomplishment that we have gt7 playable on the ps4, and polyphony isnt willing to risk that on a game that will be a huge success in the future. i want to be able to play it on the ps4. it just depends on whether or not polyphony can live up to their promise, and whether or not they can handle the entire game being online while they update it.


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