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Download and Enjoy Alchemy of Souls, The Korean Series That Will Blow Your Mind, on Netnaija download alchemy of souls

If you are looking for a website where you can download the latest Korean series, then you should check out This website offers a variety of entertainment content, including movies, music, news, comedy, and more. One of the most popular series that you can find on this website is alchemy of souls, a fantasy romance drama that will keep you hooked. In this article, we will tell you more about, alchemy of souls, and why you should watch it on this website.

What is is an information and entertainment hub that provides users with access to various media content. The website was founded in 2009 by Okunlola Adekunle Abiodun, who is also known as NetNaija CEO. The website started as a forum where users could share news, music, videos, and other information. Over time, the website evolved into a platform where users can download and stream movies, music, series, comedy, and more. The website also features a blog section where users can read about the latest happenings in the entertainment industry. download alchemy of souls

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Some of the features and benefits that offers are:

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How to download alchemy of souls from

To download alchemy of souls from, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to on your browser.

  • Click on the "Series" tab on the top menu bar.

  • Scroll down to find "Alchemy of Souls" under the "Korean Series" category.

  • Click on the title or the image of the series to open its page.

  • Select the season and episode that you want to download.

  • Click on the "Download" button below the video player.

  • Choose your preferred download option from the list of links provided.

  • Wait for the download to complete and enjoy watching alchemy of souls offline.

What is alchemy of souls?

Alchemy of Souls is a Korean series that premiered on Netflix on June 18, 2022. The series is based on a web novel by Kim Eun-hee, who also wrote the popular zombie thriller Kingdom. The series is set in a fictional country called Daeho that does not exist in history or on maps Continuing the article: Synopsis and genre of alchemy of souls

Alchemy of Souls is a fantasy romance series that combines elements of magic, history, comedy, and action. The series is based on a web novel by Kim Eun-hee, who also wrote the popular zombie thriller Kingdom. The series is set in a fictional country called Daeho that does not exist in history or on maps. In this country, there are mages who can manipulate the natural elements and use them for various purposes. However, there is also a forbidden magic called soul-shifting, which allows one to transfer their soul into another body. This magic is considered a crime and punishable by death, as it disrupts the balance of heaven and earth.

The series follows the adventures of Jang Uk, a young nobleman who wants to become a powerful mage but has his energy gate blocked by his father; Mu-deok, a servant girl who is actually a soul-shifter and an assassin named Naksu; Seo Yul, a prince who is secretly a soul-shifter and a spy for another country; and Jin Bu-yeon, an amnesiac heiress of a prestigious mage family who is also a soul-shifter. These four characters get entangled in a web of secrets, lies, love, and betrayal as they try to survive in a world where their identities are constantly threatened.

Cast and characters of alchemy of souls

The cast and characters of alchemy of souls are as follows:

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Alchemy of Souls courage and sacrifice Netnaija

Alchemy of Souls power and responsibility Netnaija

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Alchemy of Souls hope and redemption Netnaija

Alchemy of Souls fear and doubt Netnaija

Alchemy of Souls pain and healing Netnaija

Alchemy of Souls joy and gratitude Netnaija




Lee Jae-wook

Jang Uk

A young nobleman who wants to become a mage but has his energy gate blocked by his father. He falls in love with Mu-deok and becomes her disciple.

Jung So-min

Mu-deok / Naksu / Jin Bu-yeon

A servant girl who is actually a soul-shifter and an assassin named Naksu. She shifts her soul into the body of Jin Bu-yeon, an heiress of Jinyowon, after being chased by her enemies.

Go Youn-jung

Cho Yeong / Naksu / Mu-deok

A daughter of a constellation recorder mage who shifts her soul into the body of Naksu after being killed by her. She later shifts her soul into the body of Mu-deok after being betrayed by Seo Yul.

Hwang Min-hyun

Seo Yul

A prince who is secretly a soul-shifter and a spy for another country. He has feelings for Cho Yeong but uses her for his mission.

Yoo Jun-sang

Park Jin

A master mage who is the head of Songrim, the institute of mages. He is Jang Uk's mentor and Mu-deok's enemy.

Oh Na-ra

Kim Do-joo

A maidservant who raised Jang Uk as her own son. She is loyal and protective of him.

Yoo In-soo

Park Dang-gu

A friend and classmate of Jang Uk at Songrim. He is cheerful and humorous.

Kang Kyung-heon

Seo Ha-sun

A friend and classmate of Jang Uk at Songrim. She is smart and elegant.


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Reviews and ratings of alchemy of souls

Alchemy of Souls has received positive reviews from critics and viewers alike. The series has been praised for its original plot, captivating characters, stunning visuals, and thrilling action scenes. The series has also been commended for its blend of humor, romance, and mystery that keeps the audience engaged. Some of the reviews are:

  • "Alchemy of Souls treats viewers to a rollercoaster ride of emotions." - Kourtnee Jackson from CNET

  • "With its fast-paced plotting, engaging characters and resplendent wardrobe, Alchemy of Souls was a compelling escapist fantasy that helped us fly through the sweltering summer." - Pierce Conran from South China Morning Post[^8 Continuing the article: ^]^

  • "Alchemy of Souls is a refreshing and captivating fantasy series that will make you fall in love with its characters and world." - Kim Ji-soo from The Korea Herald

The series has also received high ratings from various platforms. The series has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Netflix, 8.9 out of 10 on IMDb, and 9.2 out of 10 on MyDramaList. The series has also been ranked as one of the most popular and trending Korean series on these platforms.

Why you should watch alchemy of souls on

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