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Free Download LINK Macromedia Director 8.5 Full Version

Macromedia Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio is immediately available for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. The studio is priced at $1199 for new users, $199 for users upgrading from Director 8, and $399 for users upgrading from Director versions 5 through 7. French, German, Japanese, and Korean versions of the studio are expected to ship in June. The free, 3D-enhanced Shockwave Player is also available for immediate download from

free download macromedia director 8.5 full version


The long list of powerful 3D features Macromedia has included in Director 8.5is incredibly impressive. Shockwave applications on faster connections candownload models at 10,000 polygons per second. The models are visible quicklyand increase in clarity as the download is completed. Keyframe and bonesdeformations are built in to the Shockwave 3D (W3D) format and are fullycontrolled by Lingo. Simply put, an animator or 3D artist can create characteranimations in his 3D program of choice, and that animation will be fullycontrollable through Director's Lingo. The conversion is accomplished byusing an exporter, which is designed to convert the native file format ofthe 3D program into the W3D format needed for Shockwave 3D. This followingsection contains a list of several 3D development tools that have exporters fortheir products.

CINEMA 4D is a fully integrated 3D modeling, animation, and rendering packagefor Windows and Macintosh systems. It is well known for its surprisingly fastand photorealistic raytracer. You can download a free demo version of theprogram from their web site or purchase the full version for $1695. BodyPaint3D, a companion product to CINEMA 4D, is an advanced 3D painting application forcreating high-quality textures in a 3D environment. BodyPaint 3D seamlesslyintegrates into CINEMA 4D XL, enabling artists to add detail to surfaces at anypoint during the production process. It also can be used as a standaloneapplication in combination with other popular 3D software packages.

MAPublisher version 4.0 for Macromedia FreeHand is now compatible with Macromedia FreeHand 10 onboth Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS platforms. At this time the Macversion is certified for use with Mac OS 8.5 through 9.x. A Mac OS Xcompatible version is now in beta testing and is expected to be releasedin the next couple of weeks.Included in this suite of powerful mapping filters are import tools,projection tools, legend tools, labeling tools, database managementtools and many others comprising a complete cartographic solution forMacromedia FreeHand that extends compatibility on the FreeHand platformto the latest FreeHand release, FreeHand 10.Complete information can be found at users of MAPublisher 4.0 for FreeHand 9 may download a freeupdate to the FreeHand 10 version from


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