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SolidWorks 2017 SP4 x64: The Best CAD Software for Engineers and Designers - Free Download with SN and Activator

Download SolidWorks 2017 SP4 x64 for Free with SN and Activator: A Complete Guide

SolidWorks is a powerful and popular CAD software that can help you design, engineer, and produce products of any complexity and purpose. It has a wide range of features and modules that can handle various aspects of product development, such as 3D modeling, simulation, documentation, data management, rendering, and more. If you want to try SolidWorks for free, you can download SolidWorks 2017 SP4 x64 with SN and activator from this link. This is a repacked version of SolidWorks that has been modified to remove unnecessary components and optimize its performance. In this article, we will show you how to download and install SolidWorks 2017 SP4 x64 for free and enjoy its benefits.

What is SolidWorks 2017 SP4 x64?

SolidWorks 2017 SP4 x64 is the latest service pack of SolidWorks 2017 that was released in October 2016. It contains several improvements and bug fixes that enhance the functionality and stability of SolidWorks. Some of the new features of SolidWorks 2017 SP4 x64 are:

SolidWorks 2017 SP4 x64 --- With SN and activator

  • Bi-Directional Circular Pattern: You can create circular patterns that alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

  • Multi-Distance and Variable Chamfer: You can create chamfers with different distances and angles along an edge.

  • Combined Chamfer / Fillet Feature: You can create a single feature that combines chamfers and fillets on multiple edges.

  • Transparent Section View: You can make section views transparent to see the internal components of your model.

  • Thread Feature Lead-in / Lead-out: You can add lead-in and lead-out angles to your thread features.

  • Treehouse Drawing Import: You can import drawings from Treehouse, a tool that helps you create assembly structures.

  • Treehouse Structure Print: You can print your assembly structures from Treehouse.

  • Shaded Sketch Contours for Clarity: You can shade the sketch contours to make them more visible.

  • Advanced Hole Wizard (multi-step holes): You can create complex holes with multiple steps using the Hole Wizard.

  • Smarter Mate Placement (avoid having to drag parts close first): You can mate parts without having to drag them close to each other first.

  • Misaligned Mates: You can mate parts that are not aligned with each other.

  • Sub-Assy Saved as a Part Now Maintains All References: You can save a sub-assembly as a part and keep all the references to the original assembly.

What is SN and Activator?

SN and activator are tools that help you activate SolidWorks 2017 SP4 x64 for free. SN stands for serial number, which is a unique code that identifies your copy of SolidWorks. Activator is a program that modifies some files in your SolidWorks installation folder to bypass the registration and activation process. By using SN and activator, you can use SolidWorks 2017 SP4 x64 without any limitations or restrictions.

How to Download and Install SolidWorks 2017 SP4 x64 for Free with SN and Activator?

To download and install SolidWorks 2017 SP4 x64 for free with SN and activator, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download the SolidWorks 2017 SP4 x64 file from this link. The file size is about 12 GB.

  • Extract the file using WinRAR or any other archive software. You will get a folder named "SolidWorks_2017_SP4_x64".

  • Open the folder and run the "setup.exe" file as administrator. This will start the installation process.

  • Select "Individual (on this computer)" as the installation type and click "Next".

  • Select "I accept the terms of the SOLIDWORKS License Agreement" and click "Next".

  • Select "SolidWorks Standard" as the product to install and click "Next".

Select "Enter a Serial Number" as the activation method and c5e3be4c90


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