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Who Buys Cast Iron Radiators

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Who Buys Cast Iron Radiators

Indeed, if you already have a selection of cast iron radiators fitted and working within your property, you might be sitting on a treasure trove the likes of which the Fratellis would be proud of, without even realising it.

A loaded question, for sure. There is no set price list when it comes to used cast iron radiators. Much will depend on the make and model of the rad in addition to its condition, and ultimately of course, what someone else is willing to pay.

This ties in to having a bit of know-how surrounding the internal state of your cast iron radiators, as well. Some models will display a perfect external aesthetic in light of a thoroughly professional radiator paint job and sand blasting work. However, usually on account of poor storage, some of these radiators could feature internal damage, or be prone to a build-up of rust, with potentially altered polish finishes.

Take into account too, that cast iron radiators can tend to take a while to warm up, and therefore are unlikely to be heating the room instantly even in prime condition, hooked up to a central heating system.

Plenty of older cast iron radiators are out of circulation and no longer in production, so sourcing extra fittings like joining gaskets can be a nigh on impossible task. A nightmare if replacements ever become required, and a potential deal-breaker for some would-be buyers.

Cast iron is one of the very most robust and hard-wearing radiator materials on the market, and if well maintained, cast iron rads can feasibly last decades all the while providing a premium quality performance.

However, older cast iron radiators can naturally prove susceptible to corrosion or leaks, so it goes without saying that any blemish pinhole-sized or larger will detract from the value of the component.

Meet Alice, Beatrix and Tamara, for instance, some of the newer additions to the BestHeating cast iron radiator collection. Such designs incorporate elements of Victorian cast iron radiators and other period style features, all brought together by a top quality modern construction.

If you are looking to turn a profit on your existing cast iron radiators, you should first gather all the information you have about the component in question. You can refer back to the second paragraph of this article for tips on the sort of specs and details that might make your rad a more appealing investment.

With the way of the world currently, online might be the best avenue to travel to arrange a sale, with sites such as Ebay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplaces all viable options to find a great deal in buying or selling cast iron radiators.

So whilst cast iron rads in proper working condition will be more desirable in general, there is evidently still a market for classic models that no longer function correctly. A thorough search of the attic or garage could end up yielding you a pretty penny for what you might have imagined to be nothing more than bulky clutter!

For those selling cast iron radiators online especially, the offering of free delivery or free collection is a particularly appealing caveat for potential buyers. Especially considering the weight of the component, and how awkward and expensive they can prove to transport.

Dig out any paperwork you might still have from point of purchase, and rake up any accompanying features and specifications contents you have holed away. The more information you have about your cast iron radiators and how they operate, the better your chances of a sale will be.

Trads Cast iron radiators are incredibly efficient, as the metal they are produced from is denser than the modern steel that is typically used in contemporary designs. This means that while they might take a little longer to heat up, they retain that heat for a much longer period of time. So, even after your central heating has been turned off, your cast iron radiator will continue to emit heat, allowing you to make the most out of the energy you use.


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