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Nikolai Lobanov

[S2E3] Wednesday Morning, 8 AM

It was December 15, 1986. A couple hours earlier, 29-year-old Doyle had pulled up in front of his cousin Clyde's house, a tan rambler in Kenner, Louisiana, a town on the outskirts of New Orleans. It was a Monday morning, around 11:15. Clyde's wife, Elaine, had also just arrived. She parked in the carport alongside her little home on the crowded street.

[S2E3] Wednesday Morning, 8 AM

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James returns home and has a strong drink with Tristan, who has also had a difficult day. The neighbors keep finding chickens in their yard: they all escaped when the barn door was left open. In order to make up for it, Tristan has bought eggs to leave in the barn for the morning, hoping to impress Siegfried, who is out on a date with Diana. (Mrs. Hall spent the evening alone while everyone else was out, somewhat to her chagrin.) 041b061a72


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