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Niney The Observer Dubbing With The Observer Rar


Niney The Observer Dubbing With The Observer Rar

Niney the Observer Dubbing with the Observer: A Classic Dub Album

If you are a fan of dub music, you may have heard of Niney the Observer, one of the most influential producers and singers in Jamaican reggae history. Niney, also known as Winston Holness, worked with many legendary artists such as Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Max Romeo, Ken Boothe and more. He also created his own label, Observer, and released some of the finest roots reggae and dub albums in the 1970s.

One of his most acclaimed dub albums is Dubbing with the Observer, which was released in 1975. This album features 16 tracks of pure dub magic, mixed by none other than King Tubby, the master of dub effects. The album showcases Niney's skills as a producer and arranger, as he uses various instruments and vocals from his previous productions and transforms them into new sonic landscapes with Tubby's help.

The album includes dub versions of songs by Dennis Brown, such as Why Can't You Be Faithful, No More Will I Roam, Westbound Train, I Am The Conqueror and You're No Good. It also features dubs of songs by other artists such as Max Romeo (That Was Love), Ken Boothe (Silver Words), Sang Hugh (Rasta No Born Yah) and Delroy Wilson (Halfway Up The Stairs). Some tracks are original instrumentals by Niney and his Allstars band, such as Rebel Dance, Sir Niney's Rock, Jam Down and Rema Dub.

The album is a masterpiece of dub engineering, as King Tubby adds his signature touch of reverb, echo, delay, phasing, filtering and panning to create a deep and spacious sound. The bass is heavy and solid, the drums are crisp and sharp, the horns are bright and melodic, the keyboards are smooth and funky, the guitars are rhythmic and catchy, and the percussion is lively and varied. The album is a perfect example of how dub music can be creative, experimental and innovative while still being rooted in reggae culture and tradition.

If you want to listen to this classic dub album, you can find it online as a rar file. A rar file is a compressed file format that reduces the size of large files for easier storage and transfer. You can download a rar file of Dubbing with the Observer from various sources on the internet, but make sure you have a reliable and safe one. You will also need a software program that can extract or unzip the rar file to access the audio files inside. Once you have done that, you can enjoy this amazing dub album on your preferred device.

Dubbing with the Observer is a must-have for any dub lover or reggae enthusiast. It is a testament to Niney's talent as a producer and King Tubby's genius as a mixer. It is an album that will take you on a musical journey through time and space, where you can experience the power and beauty of dub music.

If you want to learn more about Niney the Observer and his dub productions, you can check out some of his other albums that are also available online as rar files. Some of his notable dub albums are Observer Attack Dub, Observer Dub Catalogue Vol. 1, Observer Dub Catalogue Vol. 2 and Observer Dub Catalogue Vol. 3. These albums feature more dub versions of songs by Dennis Brown and other artists such as Gregory Isaacs, Johnny Clarke, Horace Andy, The Heptones and more. They also showcase Niney's versatility and diversity as a producer, as he experiments with different styles and genres of reggae and dub.

Another way to appreciate Niney's dub work is to compare it with the original versions of the songs that he used as the basis for his dubs. You can find many of these original songs on Niney's vocal albums, such as Observer Book Of I-Roy, Observer Station, Observer Singing Hits Vol. 1 and Observer Singing Hits Vol. 2. These albums feature some of the best singers and deejays in reggae history, such as I-Roy, Big Youth, U-Roy, Delroy Wilson, Ken Boothe, Max Romeo and more. You can listen to how Niney produced and arranged these songs with his Allstars band, and how he later trans


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