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Where Can You Buy Honeybell Oranges

Where Can You Buy Honeybell Oranges =====

Where Can You Buy Honeybell Oranges

I usually go to Temple grove, but I'm just looking to see if there's anywhere cheaper that's just as good. Also, are there any u-pick places nearby I did a search, but I seem to come up with different results with different websites.

Honeybell oranges are exceptionally sweet and juicy citrus fruits that only reach peak ripeness during the month of January. Also known as Minneola tangelos, they are not actually oranges at all. They are a hybrid or cross between the Darcy variety of tangerine and either the Duncan or Bowen variety of grapefruit. This hybridization process, which some sources say can be traced back to ancient Asia, yields a tangelo with the coloring and size of a grapefruit and the sweetness and juiciness of a tangerine. The fruit is prized for its sweetness and relative scarcity, along with its abundant supply of juice.

Many customers order Honeybell oranges well in advance of their actual due date in January. A few strains may be ready to ship in late December, but the majority of the crop reaches maximum ripeness during the last weeks of January, or possibly early February. Virtually all Honeybell trees in the United States grow along the Indian River in Florida, and the crop yield is often regarded as unpredictable from year to year. Growers take orders for the oranges throughout the year, but can only harvest the crop during the late winter. Great care must be taken while harvesting the fruit in order to avoid damaging the distinctively bell-shaped stem end, which actually inspired the name for the fruit itself.

It is not unusual for a citrus grower to include a bib with larger orders. The skin is fairly loose because of the hybridization process, but many people find eating the fruit to be a challenge because of its juiciness. Consuming them while on the move would be nearly impossible. Many people recommend using a knife to cut out individual sections and a plate to capture excess juices. Two average sized Honeybell oranges can provide nearly a full glass of freshly squeezed juice.

On my visit to Florida 12 years ago, I brought home two little Honeybell orange trees. They live in Maine and are outdoors in the summer and in a sunroom in the cold months. So I enjoy honeybells with no expense. They are super. anon989435 March 5, 2015 Oh wow Never thought a simple orange could get so much fame. I just partook in the consumption of the specimen that you all speak of. Honestly I don't know why I am even wasting my time typing this. But anyhow it was not that fascinating at all. Love and peace to all! --Fury Chicken anon986996 January 29, 2015 Anon62917: Do you have a link to that studyAnon252773: I just received a gift from Harry & Davids supplied by Cushman's. They were outstanding.I'd like to find a definitive answer on interactions with statins and thyroid meds though. anon338080 June 10, 2013 I purchase my honeybells from Hale Groves in fruit baskets which are fresh! anon314150 January 16, 2013 I always spend the first two weeks of the New Year in Okeechobee and always grab honeybells to eat while I'm there, and ship a bushel back home to Indiana.This year the grove operator gave us a couple of navels and when we got home (to Okeechobee), my brother and I each ate half a Honeybell and half of a navel.That's when I truly noticed how much better the honeybells were. I have always thought they were the best orange on earth (even though, technically they are not even an orange), but this side-by-side taste-test proved it.They are only available for a few weeks in January but if you've never had the pleasure of sampling one, I strongly suggest you check them out. The best fruit of any kind on the planet! anon313322 January 11, 2013 I always get my Honeybells from Al's Family Farms. Just received my Christmas shipment yesterday. They are amazing as always! anon306650 yesterday Where do you buy Honeybells anon252773 March 6, 2012 Don't order from Cushmans! The oranges


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