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8. Better Call Saul

For as anxiety-inducing and gripping as these scenes are, and as good as the rest of the episode is in a vacuum, from the moment that Mike answers the door, the rest of the episode plays out pretty much as expected. We saw the great lengths Gus went to to ensure that he would not be a sitting duck in his home should Lalo return. We saw Gus hide a strategically placed gun in the lab. Most of all, we know that Jimmy, Gus, Mike, hell, even Tyrus, are in no real danger.

8. Better Call Saul

Jimmy is suspicious when a client mentions her nursing home, Sandpiper Crossing, controls her pension and Social Security payments while providing her a monthly allowance. Upon reviewing her invoices, Jimmy's suspicions grow and he begins collecting invoices from other residents. Jimmy and Chuck analyze them and find evidence of Sandpiper systematically overcharging residents, making the company guilty of fraud. Chuck suggests there are grounds for a class action lawsuit and encourages Jimmy to continue investigating.

Sandpiper's attorneys deny the company is defrauding residents, but concede some were overcharged. The company offers $100,000 in compensation, but Jimmy presents evidence that Sandpiper's fraud makes them eligible for a RICO case. Chuck demands Sandpiper pay $20 million to settle, which their attorneys refuse. As Chuck and Jimmy continue to prepare their case, a preoccupied Chuck casually leaves his house to retrieve documents from Jimmy's car, taking none of his usual EHS precautions. Jimmy is speechless as he watches from inside the front door, then softly calls Chuck's name. Chuck is stunned to realize where he is and drops the papers.

At work, Mike recieves a call from Stacey, who has accepted the situation and forgiven him for his involvement in Matt's death. She asks if he could watch Kaylee later on while she is at work, to which Mike readily agrees. There will be no impositions for her; anything she needs, Mike will provide.

Jimmy returns to Sandpiper after dark to search their dumpster for the shredded documents. As he digs through the garbage, he receives a call from Richard Schweikart, Sandpiper's attorney. Schweikart also happens to be an old acquaintance of Chuck's and asserts that he's calling Jimmy out of professional courtesy to him. He warns Jimmy not to pursue legal action against Sandpiper. As Jimmy climbs out of the dumpster, he discovers the shredded documents deposited neatly in a nearby recycling bin.

At Chuck's house, Jimmy spends the entire night piecing the shredded documents back together. The next morning, Chuck finds an exhausted Jimmy, still up from the night before. He steps away to make coffee and returns to find Jimmy asleep. Impressed by his commitment, Chuck decides to pick up where his brother left off; by the time Jimmy wakes up, Chuck has assembled the "smoking gun" - an invoice for syringes from a medical supply company in Nebraska. Energized by the work, Chuck gives Jimmy a long list of case law to pull for research. Jimmy, ecstatic to be working with his brother, hugs him. Outside, he calls Kim and asks her to print the case law Chuck requested and to bill it to his account. Although worried that Chuck's involvement with Jimmy's case could violate his contract with HHM and endanger his mental health, Kim proceeds.

Schweikart concedes that some Sandpiper residents were over-billed because of an accounting error. He offers $100,000 to reimburse the residents and cover legal fees, with the caveat that Sandpiper admits no wrongdoing. Jimmy responds by referencing the syringe invoice, declaring pointedly that the inclusion of interstate commerce puts Sandpiper on the hook for RICO violations, elevating the case to fraud and entitling his clients to much higher damages. After a moment of intense private discussion with his team, Schweikart asks Jimmy what number he has in mind. Chuck, thus far silent, demands "$20 million, or we'll see you in court". After Schweikart and his team leave, Jimmy panics over the demand. Chuck assures Jimmy that it's actually a conservative estimate for a multi-state federal class action lawsuit of this kind. Jimmy falls quiet, catching a glimpse of the magnitude of this case. Chuck emphatically lists their next steps; Jimmy's ready to dive in.

Mike adopts a shelter dog and visits Dr. Caldera. As the dog is examined, Mike asks whether he still has the "work" available to which he previously alluded. Later, Jimmy stops by Chuck's house with boxes of new paperwork. He leaves a box in his car, but is too tired to go and get it himself. Engrossed in a file and impatient to get the documents he needs, Chuck walks out the front door, grabs Jimmy's car keys from the mailbox, and retrieves the box from his trunk. He's out of the house - and not in pain. Jimmy watches from the doorway, amazed. Jimmy calls quietly to his brother. Chuck suddenly realizes where he is, and drops the box he was carrying.

At Jesse's apartment, he and Walt split up $90,000. Walt, expecting more, asks Jesse about the missing money. Jesse explains that Badger hasn't put in his full amount. When Jesse calls Combo to ask for Badger's whereabouts, he learns that his friends were too intimidated to inform Jesse of Badger's arrest. 041b061a72


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