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Best Buy Wichita Ks Geek Squad

I purchased a Nest Smart door bell and i was told i can have someone come install it which i paid for $99. That Monday came my appointment was 8am to 12pm no one has came, so i called geek squad to see whats going on. I was told the people at my local best buy store " Rochester Hills, MI " never confirmed the appointment they need to setup new one which i chose to be Saturday 12pm to 4pm because i lost one day of work waiting for this on Monday. Saturday came no one show up i then got call saying " sorry our tech got sick we can do tomorrow morning " Sunday 8am to 12pm " i said ok please make sure that on that one someone shows up its 3rd time now waiting. Well Sunday is today and guess what NO ONE STILL SHOWED UP ! I had to call and some lady said i will give you call with an update to check where our tech is. I can't believe i waited 3 different days and times for someone to come when i paid for, i never had this experience with BEST BUY EVER ! Its seriously upsetting that I'm the one still waiting and need to call for updates and ask WHY NO ONE COMING OR WHY NO ONE HAS SHOWED UP! Im now going to return my Nest Doorbell and have them give me my money back and also the $99 installation i paid for. Very very very upset with Best Buy and who they contract for these things now!

best buy wichita ks geek squad

Last week I called best Buy in Patchogue, New York. I wasn't too happy with the person I spoke with so I tried back another time. My dell computer was going Very slow so I called and was told to bring in. I met with a Very lovely girl who answered my questions and it seemed that all will be well, they'll be able to put in a new hard drive and she'll try her best to save the few pictures and documents I had. When I picked it up, the "supervisor" of Geek squad informed me that they couldn't save anything, " Too bad , that's life, these things happen". He seemed like he was in a rush and was very abrupt. I was Upset with the manner he spoke to me, sure it didn't matter to him but I had some pictures, stories that my son had written and my workday all wiped out. No explanation of why this happened to my computer. I just purchased it 3 years prior at the store. Needless to say, I informed him off his rudeness, thanked the other girl and left. I came home and can't get into my workday and was just so disappointed. I don't think I'll purchase another computer with you again.

They canceled my phone protection plan due to "non payments" when money is taken out automatically out of my acc every month, sent me a notification that payments were not being made and sent it to the WRONG email address, and told me it was my responsibility to make the payments when its automatic and when they went getting any payments, sent word to the wrong email address and refused to renew the plan because it was completely cancelled with no way of me knowing about it because they sent it to a wrong address. The service department was absolutely useless in trying to help, and so was the insurance department. Worst customer experience I have ever had now I'm stuck with a broken phone for the next year because of this. Great job geek squad!

I contacted Geek Squad to install my Ring doorbell. I was never told that 3 party would be use; however the tech (Tim) was third party. He was in regular clothes and vehicle. I left my door slightly open to go get the battery for the doorbell and when I turn around Tim has opened my door and walking behind. I stop and told him my husband doesn't like anyone in our home; however the entire time Im talking to him he is looking at 4 TV'S that is in my dining room. I feel very uncomfortable in my home since this incident happened. I am disappointed in geek squad and feel unsafe in my home. Clearly, Tim is a heavy drug user and Geek Squad needs to take more precautions when using 3 party. I would like to speak with Geek Squad management about this issue ASAP. 8326060748

Took my MSI laptop to be repaired. I had no way to repair it. It was stuck in auto repair loop. I made an appointment and took it in, Tuesday 2/25/19 to see if they could help. I get a call that evening that the problem was fixed and it was only the operating system had to be reloaded. I make another appointment to pick it up on 2/27/19. So I drive all the way there, they showed me it booted up. I was like great. Then as I was checking out the person that I talked with said there is a $100 fee. I was like what???? I just wanted my laptop back because I do work on it. Then as she was ringing me up she said "Wait, they came me a complimentary 1 time service." So I brought the laptop home, started to work on getting all the drivers and software back on and updated. However, I noticed that I only had one drive now. I had a SSD with 256GB and a HDD with 1 TB when I bought it. It even says so on the sticker still on the front of my laptop. Now I start to load things back on and notice I no longer have my 1 TB HDD. I have only 256GB. Now, I'm going to make another appointment to just drop it off. Who knows how long it will be gone again or if it will really be fixed this time.I'm not the healthiest person right now, and I am going to have to waste two more days dropping it off and picking it up. Plus probably many more days to fix it right this time. Hopefully that is. I don't think that I am going to buy geek squad protection anymore on anything I buy from Best Buy. Never going to buy a laptop there either.Very poor work.

At check in w/ two helpful people, I explained that my laptop had a virus on it and that the remote geek squad had failed to fix the problem and I was experiencing the same error message as before that the "skype program was in use". The next day I was unable to access the internet on the laptop after it was turned back on. I explained to the check in crew that I needed the key codes of the Adobe software on the laptop or needed to have that laptop working, that the virus issue was not resolved. I did purchase a new laptop as a backup, and they said they would work on the old laptop and transfer the data to the new laptop, but that there was a possibility that the old laptop could not be saved.

I took my laptop, which I bought at best buy 3 years ago. Was told I needed a new screen. Was told to find someplace that sells them. I finally had to order one from dell, I recieved the screen, called geek squid, made an appointment to have it put in, as they told me too do, took it in, was told they could put it in, today I get a call from geek squid telling me , and I quite, that because I did not buy it from best buy, who d oh DS not sell the screens, that they can't do it. I pay for geek squad, I am still waiting for them to cl me back on this. Your sales people do not know what they are talking about and give out the wrong information on. I am going to stop buying anything from best buy and that goes for. Your dum geek squad too.

Went to the Best Buy In Las Vegas @ Maryland Parkway and Twain Bought a Lenovo Laptop 2nd week in Sept. Found a OpenBox/Brown Box deal for $128. How bad could it be.... Friends said it was a good computer so I bought it. for the first 2-3 weeks it wasn't bad but the adapter would stick in it and would sometimes drain it than charge, then after that I was getting 15 updates on items every other day, and it would be for crap I didnt want or need and updates on the same things over and over , wifi wouldn't stay connected, things moved at a snails pace and the list goes on. Overall I used it 10-14 days, then in mid Nov the charger tip broke off inside when I was pilling it out... drained my computer the night before and couldn't believe it. finally found the receipt and went to talk to them. ALL I got was I bought it in Sept. It was the open brown box, my fault the the charger snapped off, Nope cant do anything, geek squad girl gave me the same crap and I left pissed (they didn't care, was wasting their time and it was my problem) so, I told them they could keep that piece of crap.It was worthless to me, got no real use out of it and was a waste of money. Left the laptop and the girls were laughing as I walked away.

I have maintain geek squad protection on 3 computers. Last year I spoke with an agent when making my payment November 2017. I requested at that time that they remove my bank account number and please not to auto deduct any more payments. I am very upset because there was an auto deduct done November 7, 2018 sending my account in the negative. I called the 800 number for assistance and i was told I would have to email in a copy of the fee charge. I can submit the information but this should never have accrued. I want to confirm that this does not happen again and my bank account number has been removed.

I was given the email address to email the information. I would like to confirm that this is the correct email address to send the information to since my payment is annually and not monthly.

I have been a member for many many yrs paying $33.89 monthly for Geek Squad service. The store and the on line reps are great but I just had a terrible experience. I use my MAC for confidential reports and NDA items, I rely on Bitdefender which is part of my plan to keep me protected. I cancelled my MasterCard just after the Sept 13th charge was taken out, I changed the billing to a new VISA. Today Oct 26, as I was working I noticed my MAC was acting strange very slow and odd pop ups etc I went to run a system scan. It said my "trial " of Bitdefender was over? I went to online geek squad (after waiting 20 + min) they said my account was cancelled? As directed I called the payment dept and they said my acct was overdue? Whoever I spoke to originally didn't add the new card, the rep did today. I asked to speak to a manager to see what happened, he said he was transferring me I waited on line about 10 min the rep came back and said he was connecting me to his manager Ryan, i waited about 20 min more, no on came on the line no music, just dead air. I went back online and a rep fixed my MAC, I have 4 viruses?? I call back to get a manager finally got Ryan ask why I wasn't notified they didn't have a valid card? Email, phone call? He had no answer just sorry you should have been notified. I now have to go to my boss and explain we may be compromised and hope I don't get fired. I'd like to know what happened. Is it your policy not to notify customers when their card expire or are not valid? I am livid over this whole mess (a day wasted fixing it, may lose my job, who knows what info was compromised etc) and I still don't have an answer?! I await your explanation before I start blogging and writing reviews 041b061a72


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