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Subtitle Stuart Little 2

A crazed yuppie divides his time between power lunches on Wall Street and vicious murders in the streets and skyscrapers of a Manhattan suffering its own hyperactive madness in the narcissistic '80s era. Bret Easton Ellis's novel is a manic blend of incisive satire and repellent violence. Harron and screenwriter Guinevere Turner reduce it to a standard-issue slasher movie, stylishly shot, but with little to distinguish it from a long line of "Psycho"-spawned gorefests.

subtitle Stuart Little 2

Reissue of a legendary 1962 melodrama with 20 minutes of restored footage (included in a recently discovered Scandinavian print) previously unseen in American theaters. Moreau plays a French charmer who makes emotional mincemeat of a celebrity author (Baker) while a fiance waits for him offscreen and a humiliating secret threatens to pop up from his past. Losey's exalted reputation is more convincingly confirmed by masterpieces like "The Servant" and "Accident," but this near-operatic yarn demonstrates his dazzling ability to balance over-the-top storytelling with serious social and psychological concerns. In English with Swedish and Finnish subtitles

Riveting documentary about the 1961 trial of Nazi officer Adolf Eichmann, whose chief line of defense - that he was merely following the orders of his superiors - has become a classic illustration of "the banality of evil," in philosopher Hannah Arendt's inspired phrase. Compiled from 350 hours of videotape shot in the courtroom by American filmmaker Leo Hurwitz, this is an astonishing human, political, and historical document. In English, Hebrew, German, and French, with English subtitles

The title character spars with an old friend who's become a dangerous gun smuggler and wants to recruit him into Jamaica's illicit underworld. There's not much depth to the slam-bang story, but it's worth viewing as one of the rare Caribbean films to hit the international market. In Jamaican dialect with English subtitles

Sensitively told, coming-of-age tale about an adolescent French-Canadian girl, her very different parents, and a teacher who strikes her as a life-changing role model. Beautifully acted and richly filmed, with superb use of an excerpt from Jean-Luc Godard's classic drama "My Life to Live." In French with English subtitles

In his feature film debut, Jackson ("Dawson's Creek") stars as Luke McNamara, a student at Yale University who works in the cafeteria and aspires for something better. Then one night, he is invited to join The Skulls, a secret society that "lives by the rules and dies by the rules." It's a silly little thriller that will make you laugh more than it will make you tremble. By Lisa Leigh Parney

Feeling himself an outsider because of his small stature, a law-office assistant strikes up emotionally charged relationships with a circus performer and an aging opera singer. In French with English subtitles.

(4) to enforce this subtitle ..., or a regulation or order of the Commission or a certificate or permit issued under this subtitle when violated by a motor carrier or broker providing transportation subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission under subchapter II of chapter 105 of this title or by a foreign motor carrier or foreign motor private carrier providing transportation under a certificate of registration issued under section 10530 of this title: ....

[t]he Attorney General may, and on request of the Interstate Commerce Commission shall, bring court proceedings to enforce this subtitle or a regulation or order of the Commission or certificate or permit issued under this subtitle and to prosecute a person violating this subtitle or a regulation or order of the Commission or certificate or permit issued under this subtitle.

A person required to make a report to the Commission answer a question, or make, prepare, or preserve a record under this subtitle concerning transportation subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission ... or an officer, agent, or employee of that person that ... (4) does not comply with section 10921 of this title, ... is liable to the United States Government for a civil penalty of not more than $500 for each violation and for not more than $250 for each additional day the violation continues....

I must admit that when I first read the title Engaging ReluctantReaders Through Foreign Film, I was a little skeptical about how relevantforeign films would be to reluctant readers and about how successful teachersof reluctant readers would be when using them. I am not skeptical now. Holmesand her coauthors succeed completely in developing a book that guidesteachers to "reach those students in grades 6-12 who demonstrate apronounced deficit in reading skills yet at the same time engage the moreproficient readers with interesting text and story lines" (pp. 2-3). Theinteresting text is the English subtitles of the films, and the story linesare created by the dialogues of the characters, the settings, and the plotsof the films. Holmes's rationale for using subtitled films to helpstruggling readers to improve is an intriguing one: "While viewing afilm with subtitles, students use sight and sound and hear the spoken emotionof the words they are reading" (p. 3). The idea is similar to studentslistening to books on tapes while reading along but has the added dimensionsand support that watching a movie provides.

In writing Engaging Reluctant Readers, Holmes collaborated withhonors students and colleagues at the University of Mississippi, Oxford, aswell as with public school teachers statewide through her work with thatuniversity's Writing Project. Holmes's experience and hercollaboration with colleagues who face the challenge of reaching and teachingreluctant readers have inspired a collection of intriguing instructionalpossibilities for teachers everywhere. Although there appears to be littleempirical evidence for the effectiveness of using foreign-film subtitles withreluctant readers in grades 6-12, I predict that there will be. Holmes'sapproach is creative and theoretically sound.

Teachers should expect to use the book as a resource guide and notas a novel, although the first chapter, which serves as an introduction, isinteresting. Chapter 2 connects foreign films to the United States standardsfor language arts and social studies. Some of the standards listed in chapter2 are addressed more directly than others by having students view and readforeign films. For example, I found that language arts standards 1, 3, 6, 9,and 10 especially would be addressed directly by the viewing of a film withsubtitles, and social studies standards 1, 2, and 7 might allow for betterintegration with the language arts standards than some of the others. Seewww.reading. org/resources/issues/reports/learning_standards. html for theEnglish language arts standards and for the social studiesstandards. 041b061a72


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