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Ipod A1136 80gb Firmware !LINK! Download

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Ipod A1136 80gb Firmware Download

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I think I read somewhere that 1st and 2nd gen ipods cant be flash modded because at the firmware level they actually check that the drive identifier is white listed. So if you replace the drive with a flash mod it will fail at startup and refuse to even see the drive. I have some sony portable mp3 players that use hdds and trying to swap the drive with a flash card has the same result, the player can format the drive but it will never mount in the os.

In March 2002, Apple added limited PDA-like functionality: text files can be displayed, while contacts and schedules can be viewed and synchronized with the host computer.[7]Some built-in games are available, including Brick (a clone of Breakout), Parachute, Solitaire, and iPod Quiz. A firmware update released in September 2006 brought some extra features to fifth-generation iPods including adjustable screen brightness, gapless playback, and downloadable games. However, as of September 30, 2011, these games are no longer available on the iTunes Store.[8]

The fifth-generation iPod was updated on September 12, 2006; this model is officially known as "iPod (Late 2006)", and is unofficially referred to as "5th generation enhanced" and "5.5th generation". This update included a brighter screen, longer video playback time, improved video decoding hardware, newly designed earphones and a search feature. An iTunes installation CD was also no longer bundled, requiring users to download iTunes from Apple's website. The 60GB model was replaced with an 80 GB model, and prices were cut by US$50 for both the 30 GB (US$249) and the 80 GB (US$349) models. Gapless playback and support for iPod games was enabled on all fifth-generation iPods through a firmware update released at the same time.


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