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Jug Face Dubbed In Hindi BEST

Jug Face Dubbed In Hindi >>>>>

Jug Face Dubbed In Hindi BEST

Described as a horror film, Jug Face isn't the traditional horror film but more so the kind with creepy and disturbing scenes spread out, with a supernatural theme, and several spiritual ghost like flashbacks and spooks.This is an independent film which may be a little slower paced and slightly confusing for the casual audience. At times it was difficult in understanding the characters due to their accents and slurred speech. The dialogue is very important here and if you aren't fully hearing what they are saying, you miss a lot.It is most definitely a bizarre film, though in a way somewhat original. Reminded somewhat of the Witch (2015)- slower paced supernatural horror/thriller.Most definitely a film which requires close paying attention because there are slight details which may be confusing if you are half paying attention. Not everything is spoon fed.The entire "jug face" and "sacrifice into the pit" was something did not fully understand at first, yet after rewatching parts of the beginning, it was made more clear.The performance by lead actress is definitely the highlight (baring a resemblance to Maisie Williams and in some scenes at times Kristen Stewart). The sculpture "jug face" maker Dawai who comes along greatly steals his scenes in the second half was another highlight. As well as Sean Young playing the aggressive, abusive and firm mother. The scenery looks nice in the woods/out doors.What wasn't exactly clear or mentioned is what time period the film takes place. The characters are from a weird cult like community with firm weird beliefs, and they have very non-present day names (Ada, Dawai, Loriss, Jessaby). Though there is a scene where our protagonist Ada goes into a pharmacy and the store looks quite present dated.Also there is a slight theme of incest. This was brief and only really shown in the opening but does end up being a storyline. We last see the brother being "sacrificed" by the father in the pit for claiming to being sick. Apparently the pit swallows people and kills them (off screen shown- nothing graphic shown).The film could have been expanded a little more as the ending is entirely depressing and felt quite rushed. It wasn't exactly predictable but there could have been a twist thrown in.Jug Face certainly isn't a film for everyone as people may be creeped out and disturbed by some of its themes, though from an independent film standpoint. It is quite a nice hidden gem, and a film in which have enjoyed the more having thought about after its viewing. It is more layered than initially thought of.

This indie project can be described as much a drama as horror film. Chad Crawford Kinkle directs this gory yarn of a backwoods community that sacrifices a clannish-type member to a feared creature down a deep pit in the middle of the woods. The chosen one is determined by the face on a jug made by a mentally challenged member of the community. Ada(Lauren Ashley Carter)is a young girl that must escape the woods, when she finds her face on a fresh made jug. She hides the jug and this doesn't please the creature in the pit. Another reason for high-tailing it away is that she doesn't want it known she is pregnant by her own brother(Daniel Manche).JUG FACE is mildly creepy and at times gory with scenes of bloody guts and body parts as someone is sacrificed to the haunted pit. These hillbillies are a bit dense and their lives are manipulated by the fear of the pit and creature hidden within. Language, bloody violence and brief nudity call for an R rating. The story line is odd and somewhat dark. The acting is not totally bad, even if there is only one familiar face in the cast...that of Sean Young. Miss Carter is believable and not hard to look at. Others in the cast: Sean Bridgers, Larry Fessenden, Katie Groshong, Scott Hodges and Kaitlin Cullum.

Parents need to know that RRR is a hugely entertaining Indian blockbuster with violent scenes throughout and some racist langua


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