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Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War


Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War[a] is a 2004 combat flight simulation video game developed and published by Namco for the PlayStation 2. The game was developed by Project Aces, an internal Namco group credited with the development of the Ace Combat series.[2] A limited number of the games were bundled with the Hori Flightstick 2 accessory.

Despite their successes, Wardog begins to suspect an unknown third party is posing as Osean and Yuktobanian pilots and manipulating events on both sides of the war, engineering attacks on civilian targets to discredit Wardog and exploit the hatred between the two countries to ensure the war continues. Wardog clears their names, but the third party begins attacking them directly, first ambushing the squadron during a flypast at an Osean political rally which results in Wardog's first combat loss, and again during an aerial refueling, which the squadron narrowly escapes.

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War is a first person air combat and flight simulator. Like other Ace Combat games, each mission is determined by a level briefing and objectives. There are 32 missions in the main campaign mode, while an additional "arcade" mode puts the player in the role of Mobius One (from Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies) as he faces endless waves of enemy attacks. Regardless of the mode chosen, once in the air the player will have control over speed, direction, altitude, gun cannon, missiles and special weapon of their aircraft. A new feature from previous Ace Combat games, is the concept of Wingmen and being able to issue simple orders to them in the air. This allows the player to better coordinated group attacks as well as giving each wingman a personality of their own. Additionally, the player as squadron leader will be asked to make decisions ("Yes/No") while flying in the air. Between missions, the story is progressed through a series of cutscenes.

Blaze's third wingman, who joins the team during an emergency scramble and continues flying as Wardog 4 henceforth. A shy, nervous kid, he nonetheless demonstrates his skill in his first combat sortie, and as a result, he joins the squadron permanently following the mission. Quite possibly the youngest member of the squadron, he shows remarkable intelligence, able to fly and survive a combat sortie despite only having basic flight knowledge and figuring out an enemy's deception tactic just by observation alone. He also has an older brother who is in the Osean army, who he speaks fondly of often.

Leader of the Shorebirds Squadron based on the Kestrel at the beginning of the game. A no-nonsense pilot who doesn't hesitate and protects his carrier and subordinates with his life if he has to, he nonetheless isn't afraid to give harsh words for those he perceives to be wasting his time or keeping him from doing his job. By the climax of the game, he is the only surviving pilot stationed on the Kestrel, and as such has been rotated out of active combat and into reserve along with the rest of the Kestrel battle group.

Captain of the OFS Kestrel, the largest Osean aircraft carrier. His skill as a captain keeps the Kestrel virtually unharmed until the penultimate mission, but he continually loses pilots until only Captain Snow is left, and, without a combat-capable squadron, he and his fleet are left in idle away from the frontlines. This turns out to the advantage of the now-fugitive Wardog squadron, and the Kestrel becomes their flagship from which to launch their clandestine operations against the Gray Men. The Captain: Of the Naval variety, as opposed to a Squadron Captain such as Blaze or Snow. Failure Knight: Despite the fact that the Kestrel went the entire war without taking any damage from enemy fire, Andersen instead mourned the loss of all its aircraft pilots during the war save Swordsman, and so describes himself to Genette as a man who'd seen one losing battle after another. Until the penultimate mission "Aces", where the Kestrel is torpedoed once during the mi


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