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Castor Golubev

Dehraadun Diary: A Thrilling Tale of Love and Murder

Dehraadun Diary: A Thrilling Tale of Love and Murder

Dehraadun Diary is a 2013 Hindi mystery thriller film that is based on a real life murder case of Nitish Katara, who was killed by the relatives of his lover for their status difference. The film stars Ragini Nandwani, Adhyayan Suman, Rati Agnihotri, Rohit Bakshi and Ashwini Kalsekar in pivotal roles. The film is directed by Milind Ukey and written by Aseem Arora.

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The film revolves around Preeti Thakur (Ragini Nandwani), the daughter of a politician, who is in love with Anshul Sharma (Rohit Bakshi), the son of a retired IAS officer. However, her brothers Vishesh (Vishal Bhonsle) and Akhilesh (Manoj Harsh) are opposed to their relationship and plot to kill Anshul. They succeed in their plan and make it look like an accident. Anshul's brother Aakash (Adhyayan Suman) and mother Neelima (Rati Agnihotri) are devastated by his death and seek justice. They hire a lawyer Dipali Sinha (Ashwini Kalsekar) to fight their case, but they face many hurdles due to the political influence and corruption of Preeti's family. The case drags on for eight years, during which Preeti is sent away to London by her parents. Aakash manages to contact her and convinces her to testify against her brothers. Will Preeti's testimony bring justice to Anshul's family? Will Aakash and Preeti reunite after all these years? Watch Dehraadun Diary to find out.

Dehraadun Diary is a gripping film that exposes the dark side of the society where power and money can buy anything, even justice. The film also showcases the courage and determination of those who fight for their rights and love against all odds. The film has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, but has been praised for its performances, direction and screenplay. The film is available for download on various torrent sites such as Utorrent and Kickass Hindi.

Dehraadun Diary is inspired by the real life murder case of Nitish Katara, who was killed by the relatives of his lover Bharti Yadav in 2002. The film tries to depict the plight of the common man who has to face the wrath of the powerful and corrupt politicians who can manipulate the law and order system to their advantage. The film also highlights the issue of honour killing, which is still prevalent in some parts of India, where people are killed for marrying outside their caste or religion.

The film has been criticized for its poor execution, lack of authenticity and weak direction. The film fails to create any suspense or thrill and relies on cliched dialogues and melodrama. The film also suffers from poor editing, cinematography and music. The film does not do justice to the real life story and fails to evoke any sympathy or emotion for the characters. The film has been rated 1.5 out of 5 by Times of India and 5.8 out of 10 by IMDb.

Dehraadun Diary is a film that could have been a powerful and gripping thriller, but ends up being a dull and disappointing affair. The film does not offer anything new or engaging and is a waste of time and money. The film is not recommended for anyone who is looking for a quality cinema experience. e0e6b7cb5c


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