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Bootit V1 07 Download !FREE!

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Bootit V1 07 Download !FREE!

How to Use BootIt v1.07 to Flip the Removable Bit on Lexar USB Drives

BootIt v1.07 is a tool developed by Lexar in 2004 that allows you to change the removable bit on some of their USB flash drives. This means you can make your USB drive appear as a fixed drive instead of a removable drive, which can have some advantages for partitioning, formatting, and booting.

To use BootIt v1.07, you need to have an old Windows operating system (such as Windows XP) and a compatible Lexar USB drive. You can download BootIt v1.07 from this link [^2^]. Note that this tool is not supported by Lexar and you are using it at your own risk.

After downloading BootIt v1.07, extract the file and run BootIt.exe. You will see a window with a list of your USB drives. Select the one you want to flip the removable bit on and click on Flip Removable Bit. You will see a confirmation message and then your USB drive will be disconnected and reconnected as a fixed drive.

You can now use your USB drive as a fixed drive and perform operations that require a fixed drive, such as creating multiple partitions or making it bootable. To revert back to a removable drive, you can run BootIt v1.07 again and click on Flip Removable Bit.

BootIt v1.07 is a useful tool for some Lexar USB drives, but it may not work for all models or newer operating systems. Use it with caution and backup your data before flipping the removable bit.Some of the benefits of flipping the removable bit on your USB drive are:

You can create more than one partition on your USB drive and access them on Windows. Normally, Windows only recognizes the first partition on a removable drive.

You can format your USB drive with different file systems, such as NTFS or exFAT, that offer more features and compatibility than FAT32.

You can make your USB drive bootable and install an operating system on it, such as Windows or Linux. This can be useful for testing, troubleshooting, or portable computing.

Some of the drawbacks of flipping the removable bit on your USB drive are:

You may lose the ability to use some features or software that are designed for removable drives, such as encryption, security, or backup tools.

You may encounter compatibility issues with some devices or systems that do not recognize fixed drives, such as TVs, DVD players, or game consoles.

You may increase the wear and tear on your USB drive by performing more write operations on it, such as defragmentation or indexing.

Therefore, you should weigh the pros and cons of flipping the removable bit on your USB drive and decide whether it is worth it for your needs and preferences.In conclusion, BootIt v1.07 is a handy tool that can help you flip the removable bit on some Lexar USB drives and make them appear as fixed drives. This can enable you to perform some operations that are not possible or easy on removable drives, such as partitioning, formatting, and booting. However, flipping the removable bit also has some drawbacks, such as losing some features, facing some compatibility issues, and risking some damage to your USB drive. Therefore, you should use BootIt v1.07 with caution and backup your data before making any changes to your USB drive. 061ffe29dd


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