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Memory Box YIFY

This was a really interesting film. For me it had two main components. One is emotional, linking different stories of war-torn Lebanon in the 1980s, and how one links (or does not link) memory (and regret and denial) with heritage for a younger generation that never knew the country. For me personally, it was amazing how many musical references I could catch (all of them). On that level the film is admirable, engaging, and one can see that all involved partake in what is a deep connection, and catharsis that celebrates survival, however it was achieved. That aspect is worth a 10/10.However, there is another aspect, which is the structure of the film itself, and what it leaves unexplored as a narrative. I found that some issues, notably related to context and who many of the characters were and what become of them were lacking. That part was not really as convincing as it could have been.

Harmonium in My Memory is a film from the early Corean film-making renaissance in the late 90's, featuring a couple actors who would go on to star in more acclaimed films. Harmonium itself is a quaint film, but an enjoyable one, featuring the story of a country girl who becomes infatuated by her newly arrived teacher, who himself develops an infatuation for his simultaneously arrived colleague.The film doesn't play out within the conventions of expected Hollywood style story-telling; many scenes do not exist to further the plot, but rather, the piece is often more of a mood/memory piece, displaying often warm observations of a time now past in the mind of the character. While the actual story components don't amount to any sort of filmic catharsis, there is a bit of joy in how the story is told and it captures well the feelings of youth, as well as a natural sense of the environment where the characters grow up.One thing that I did wish was that the film would weave tighter to either the girl or the teacher, as it becomes hard to tell the perspective of the film or whose memories we're wading in. Although we're bookended by the woman who was the girl, so much of the film is in the teacher's perspective that it becomes confusing at times and also probably providing more details than necessary--further editing could have made this film tighter.The film does suffer a little from seeming slight. It doesn't come across as something compelling--a must watch, but rather a nice warm film to watch. As such, I can't strongly recommend it, but if you're looking to see a charming example of a schoolgirl crush or wander in the memories of growing up in the Corean countryside, this is as good a place as any to go. 7/10.

Memory film (barely) about what happens when a new teacher comes to a small rural village in Korea in about 1960 where he woos one of the other teachers and has is the object of a crush by one of the students. A look at the rural life from inside and outside the village with a strong romantic thread through out.For what ever reason this film didn't really resonate with me, it was a good slice of life film, but for the most part it just didn't blow up my skirt. The performances are good and the film really seems to capture a specific time and a place (or is it overly idealized owing to memory?) but for what ever reason it just was there. Perhaps it's because I'm not a girl or perhaps the film was just outside my experience. More likely its that the film seems to set up as an almost typical coming of age story similar to the ones that were made in Hollywood during the period that the film is set. I was never a big fan of those, so its little wonder I'm not a big fan of this. This isn't to say that the film is bad, its not, rather its to say that the film almost pre-selects its audience, with those not liking romantic coming of age films less likely to be enthralled.Worth a look if it's plot makes you curious. (I only picked it up as a VCD in Chinatown for a buck because it kept appearing on my Amazon recommends list).On


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