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Places To Buy G Shock Watches

If you're not familiar with G-Shocks, the advanced features of these watches can be overwhelming at first. This is why I recommend you to watch the video below that explains exactly how everything works:

places to buy g shock watches

Because of the Tough Solar battery, its battery life is superior to other GPS watches. On a full charge, you can use the GPS for 33 hours. And four hours of charging in bright sunlight will give you an additional hour of GPS use. The battery won't run dry with GPS use - GPR-B1000-1JR will always keep enough power for the normal watch functions.

The GPR-B1000-1JR is a class of its own, with no similar watches out there to compare it to. With its GPS and solar features, it holds the throne of the most reliable GPS watch in the world. As well as being the ultimate survival watch. It has definitely earned a place among the best G-Shock watches.

G-Shock GW7900B-1 G-Rescue is a solar atomic best-seller that won't break the bank. While it's not as high-tech as the Rangeman watches above, this bad boy's got all the features you need and then some more.

G-Rescue is not only one of the best G-Shock watches, it's one of the best solar atomic models available for the money period - close to indestructible, solar charging, radio-controlled, and jam-packed with features.

The G-Rescue is big, and the four steel screws in the front make it look even bigger when it sits on the wrist. If you prefer smaller watches, there are smaller G-Shocks available with similar features and price (see below).

GA100 is part of Casio's oversized military series. The case of the watch measures 51mm. The watch is light and comfortable, but it will have a large presence on your wrist. While it is large, it's not extremely large as some of the Master of G watches out there.

The features that make this one of the best G-Shock watches include: World Time (48 cities), dual analog-digital time display, 5 alarms, stopwatch, timer, and a calendar. On top of that, the watch comes with a MACH calculator. It is a tool for pilots that can calculate the speed of sound at a given temperature. But let's be realistic - even if you work as a pilot, I doubt that you'll be using your G-Shock to calculate anything. So the Mach feature is more of an icing on the cake, rather than a serious feature that you'd expect to use.

Why is this one of the best G-Shock watches? Because If you're on a budget, you won't find a better compass watch than the G9300 Mudman. Twin Sensor, Solar Power & hands-free backlight make this Mudman one of the top outdoors watches available for the money right now.

G-Shock GD350 belongs to Casio's "Gulf Delta" line of military watches. Vibration alarm and instant-access countdown timer are the main features which make this unique. You won't find the vibration alarm on any of the premium G-Shock watches. GD-350 took places #1 on our list of best tactical G-Shock watches for the military.

Unlike the feature-packed G-Shock watches above, the DW-9052 takes us right back to the basics. It's the best-selling standard-issue G-Shock watch model, which means that it comes with only the basic G-Shock features and can generally be found retailing below $50.

Just to clarify: DW-9052 is one of the cheapest G-Shock models out there, but make no mistake - this watch is still tough as nails, shockproof and waterproof. This $50 G-Shock is just as strong as the $200 Rangeman. Casio cuts no corners on durability and construction quality with their cheaper G-Shocks.

GBA800 is the best G-Shock watch for sports and comes with inbuilt step tracker and Bluetooth connectivity. With its modern minimalist look, the watch is one of the better-looking G-Shock watches. It's rugged, and yet looks good enough to wear into the office.

If you're looking for the best G-Shock watch for running, walking, or any other kinds of sports, it's hard to go wrong with the GBA-800. It's also a perfect gift idea for anyone who is into health, sports, and/or watches. It is "real" watch that will track your steps/activity, unlike fitness trackers that have the watch function as an afterthought.

It's the first watch that I bought, and after years of wear, it's still ticking, with no scratches on the screen. Note that the 'A' button is more recessed than the other buttons so you won't accidentally hit it and engage the 'change time' mode. So is it one of the best G-Shock watches or a great beater watch? Simple answer - yes.

G-Shock GX56BB-1 "King of G" is the biggest regular G-Shock watch in existence with its massive 56mm diameter case. Out of all G-Shocks, only the high-end Master of G watches are bigger than this model. The GX-56BB-1 measures 55.5 53.6 17.5 mm and weighs 88 grams.

Alpha GEL gives the watch extra shock absorption, vibration isolation, and heat dissipation. The triple-layered build makes the GX-56BB extremely durable and virtually indestructible, even when compared to other G-Shocks. In addition to that, GC-56BB comes with the mud- and dust-resistant construction and is magnetic resistant. With all these features, it had to make our list of best G-Shock watches.

One important difference to note is that the GA700 is one of the few G-Shock watches that come with a front EL backlight button. This model also comes with a hand-shift feature that allows you to move the hands of watch away to read the digital screens for a few seconds.

G-Shock GWM500A-1 is one of the best small solar atomic G-Shock watches. The watch will recharge its battery on the go, with a maximum battery life of 9 months. The time will adjust every day at 00:00 through a radio signal.

This model is the ultimate G-Shock square for hardcore fans of the brand. No collection is complete without a stainless steel caseback square, and this is the perfect model to fill that slot. If you want the nostalgia of owning a G-Shock watch with the original construction, or if you just want the best looking square G-Shock, then this is the watch for you (and certainly among the best of the best G-Shock watches for collectors).

Personally, I'm a big fan of the cool steel watch look, and this is a fantastic example of form meeting function. All these factors make the GST-S110D-1ACR a natural addition to our list of best G-Shock watches.

G-Shock GA800 is the only affordable Casio G-Shock model that comes with a ticking seconds hand. Most other analog-digital G-Shock watches only have two hands for the hour and minute with seconds showing on the LCD display.

GA-800 is a medium-sized watch 54.1 x 48.6 x 15.5 mm, which is thinner than most Casio G-shocks watches. This makes the watch comfortable to wear, especially under multiple layers of clothing. The watch is unisex and fits both men and women.

G-Shock DW6900BB-1 is a basic Casio G-Shock that comes in a subtle matte-black design, one of the basic watches included Casio's Black Out line. This model is more than 20 years old, the minimalist black look gives it modern look that you wouldn't expect from a G-Shock.

The features of the watch include: tough solar, smartphone link, battery level indicator, dual dial world time, Bluetooth, countdown timer, stopwatch, 1 alarm (you can set multiple alarms through the app). GST-B100 has a layered guard structure for better shock resistance.

GST-B100-1ACR gets you that G-shock toughness with a classy touch. One of the best G-Shock watches out there for a business environment. This model comes in three variations: GST-B100-1A with a resin band, the GST-B100D-1A with a stainless steel band, and the special edition GST-B100X-1A with a carbon fiber bezel and resin band.

GWF-1000-1jf Frogman is the ultimate G-Shock diver watch and has a long heritage as one of the first premium G-Shock watches ever released. It is also one of the most expensive Master of G watches that you can buy today

GMW-B5000D-1 is the rolex of digital watches. It's a full steel G-Shock square that made a huge ruckus when it was first released during G-Shock's 35th anniversary in 2018. The watch quickly sold out and was going for $1000 on the grey market. By now the production has caught up, and these are widely available at slightly more reasonable prices.

Combining the toughness of the best G-Shock watches with a full-steel construction is an impressive feat of engineering. Add to that the fact that the watch is modeled off the first G-Shock ever made, and you can see why this bad boy is so popular among fans and collectors.

G-Shock GA-2000 Series uses a carbon core guard structure which is the newer, "third material" that the watches are being made of besides resin and metal. The carbon is the best of both worlds - lighter than metal, but more durable than resin. This is also the main selling point of the GA-2000.

jQuery(document).ready(function()jQuery( ".item" ).each(function() var val = jQuery( this ).children('.star-rattings').html(); jQuery(this).children('.aawp-product').children('.aawp-product__content').children('.aawp-product__meta').html(val););); G-Shock Buyer's & Features Guide Basic G-Shock Features G-Shock is the ultimate "bang for the buck" watch, but that's especially true for the cheaper models. Even basic sub-$50 G-Shocks come with 200m of water resistance and a shock-proof construction that is able to survive a truck driving over it.

I'm going to keep this simple. There are hundreds of G-Shock models out there, but if we look at the features and the price, you've got roughly four types of G-Shock watches to choose from:

Solar atomic, $80-$130: Solar Atomic G-Shock watches come with a solar battery and a Multi-Band 6 Radio Time Sync. In other words, your G-Shock will set its own time and charge its own battery, every single day. Solar Atomic G-Shocks are as reliable as it gets, being mostly zero-maintenance. Popular models include the square GWM-5610 and GW7900B-1 G-Rescue. 041b061a72


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