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Pammal K Sambandam 720p Hd

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Pammal K Sambandam 720p Hd

Pammal K Sambandam 720p Hd: A Tamil Comedy Classic Starring Kamal Haasan

Pammal K Sambandam is a 2002 Tamil comedy film directed by Moulee and scripted by Crazy Mohan. The film stars Kamal Haasan in the title role alongside Simran, Abbas and Sneha. The film was a commercial success and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike.

The film revolves around Pammal K Sambandam (Kamal Haasan), a stuntman who works in films. He is a bachelor who hates women and has a friend Anand (Abbas), a software engineer who loves Malathi (Sneha), a doctor. Sambandam gets injured in a stunt and is treated by Dr Janaki (Simran), who accidentally leaves her wrist watch in his stomach. This leads to a series of hilarious events and misunderstandings between Sambandam, Janaki, Anand and Malathi.

The film is known for its witty dialogues, comic situations and Kamal Haasan's performance as the misogynistic Sambandam. The film also features some catchy songs composed by Deva, such as "Kadhal Piriyamal", "Kandhasamy Maadasamy" and "Sakalakala Vallavane". The film was remade in Hindi as Kambakkht Ishq (2009) starring Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor.

If you are looking for a fun-filled Tamil movie to watch online, you can download or stream Pammal K Sambandam 720p Hd on various platforms. You can also watch the movie on Airtel Xstream, where you can enjoy HD quality movies on your smartphone, laptop or TV. Airtel Xstream offers a wide range of Tamil movies, shows and live TV channels for your entertainment.

So, what are you waiting for Grab your popcorn and enjoy Pammal K Sambandam 720p Hd, a Tamil comedy classic starring Kamal Haasan.

Pammal K Sambandam 720p Hd is a great choice for fans of Tamil comedy movies, especially those who love Kamal Haasan's versatile acting skills. The actor plays a dual role in the film, as Sambandam and his brother Anbarasu, who is a lawyer. The film also showcases the chemistry between Kamal Haasan and Simran, who have worked together in several films such as Panchathantiram, Thenali and Vaali.

The film also has some memorable supporting characters, such as Manivannan as Sambandam's uncle, Sriman as his assistant, Ramesh Khanna as his friend and Vaiyapuri as his rival. The film also features a cameo appearance by Rajinikanth, who plays himself in a scene where Sambandam meets him at a film shooting. The film also pays tribute to some classic Tamil films, such as Thillana Mohanambal, Thiruvilayadal and Michael Madana Kama Rajan.

Pammal K Sambandam 720p Hd is a film that will make you laugh out loud with its hilarious dialogues, comic timing and situational comedy. The film also has some emotional moments that touch your heart. The film is a perfect entertainer for the whole family and a must-watch for Kamal Haasan fans.

Pammal K Sambandam 720p Hd is not only a comedy film, but also a film that explores the themes of love, marriage and friendship. The film shows how Sambandam and Janaki, who have opposite views on relationships, gradually fall in love with each other. The film also shows how Anand and Malathi, who are in love with each other, face various obstacles from their families and society. The film also depicts the bond between Sambandam and Anand, who are like brothers and support each other in times of need.

Pammal K Sambandam 720p Hd is a film that has a lot of entertainment value, as well as some social messages. The film highlights the importance of respecting women and their choices, as well as the need for mutual understanding and trust in relationships. The film also criticizes the dowry system and the interference of relatives in marriages. The film also celebrates the joy of living life to the fullest and being happy with what you have.

Pammal K Sambandam 720p Hd is a film that will make you laugh, cry and think. The film is a perfect blend of comedy, romance and drama, with a touch of action and music. The film is a treat for Kamal Haasan fans, as well as


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