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Bootstrap 4 has been a great tool to integrate with Jekyll through Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) and was known for its simplicity with deploying to Github Pages. However, in Bootstrap 5, the Bootstrap development team decided to go with Hugo. One of the major reasons for the switch is that Jekyll requires Ruby to be installed and it was very slow. Hugo on the hand is written in Go and has no external runtime dependencies which provide a lightning-fast and quite extensible static site generator that has the basic tools: Markdown-based files, templates, and more.

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// asciidoc JS helper for Proxmox VE mediawiki pages//// code based on original asciidoc.js, but re-written using jQuery////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////var asciidoc = toc: function ($content) // toc generatorvar tocholder = $content.find('#toc');if (!tocholder) return;tocholder.html('');tocholder.hide();var html = "Contents";var n = 0;$content.find("div.sect1").each(function() var h = jQuery(this).find("h2").first(); var id = h.attr("id"); if (id != null) n++;html += "" + "" + "" + h.html() + ""; );html += "";if (n > 3) tocholder.html(html);; , // footnote generator footnotes: function ($content) var noteholder = $content.find('#footnotes');if (!noteholder) return;noteholder.html('');// Rebuild footnote entries.var refs = ;var n = 0;var inner_html = '';$content.find("span.footnote").each(function() n++; var span = jQuery(this); var note = span.attr("data-note"); var id = span.attr("id"); if (!note) // Use [\s\S] in place of . so multi-line matches work.// Because JavaScript has no s (dotall) regex flag.note = span.html().match(/\s*\[([\s\S]*)]\s*/)[1];span.html("[" + n + "]");span.attr("data-note", note); inner_html += "" +"" +n + ". " + note + ""; if (id != null) refs["#"+id] = n; );if (inner_html) noteholder.html("" + inner_html); if (n != 0) // process footnoterefs. $content.find("span.footnoteref").each(function()var span = jQuery(this);var href = span.find("a").first().attr("href");href = href.match(/#.*/)[0]; // in case it return full URL.n = refs[href];span.html("[" + n + "]"); ); ;// add init to mediawiki resource loader queue(window.RLQ=window.RLQ[]).push(function() // cannot use mw.hook directly here yet, the mediawiki.base module is not yet available mw.loader.implement('pve.doctoc', function() mw.hook('wikipage.content').add(function($content) asciidoc.toc($content); asciidoc.footnotes($content);); ););td.hdlist1 vertical-align: top;td.hdlist2 vertical-align: top;Cloud-Init is the de factomulti-distribution package that handles early initialization of avirtual machine instance. Using Cloud-Init, configuration of networkdevices and ssh keys on the hypervisor side is possible. When the VMstarts for the first time, the Cloud-Init software inside the VM willapply those settings. 1e1e36bf2d


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