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Jonathan Rogers

Gta V Female Body Mods

I'm new to this. When I load an 'outfit' and apply it, the model loads with the ped model, clothing, and hovering stickers all over her body. I'm assuming these are Decals. A user above mentioned 'Clearing All' decals in menyoo. When I do that. nothing happens, the stickers/decals are still there. Also, think i have some texture issues. Any advice on how to correct this, or what im doing wrong? cause im sure its user error, just not sure where.

Gta V Female Body Mods


@Nivinha Hey big fan of your work, just curious if you are planing to keep improving and adding more clothes, also can you re do the uper body textures? So they looks just as good as the lower body (legs and butt)

Disclaimer: while I haven't seen any reports of this or easy solutions, this mod changes how story mode perceives your character's identity. It seems like you're basically rendered an npc. No cash/bank count, can't access stores, etc. Honestly I was expecting a model change and nothing else. Just a busty mommy named Franklin. But the game is rendered unplayable. Not buggy, the mods great, just not really usable imo.For those with customization questions, everything can be altered in menyoo.Tattoos+other emblems can be removed via the Emblems tab, if some outfits don't have pants just try others near the bottom of the outfit list. Hair is customizable, along with facial features/construction.While it sure is great, the installation is not worth it.Cheers

@codyl8 Si, el mod está muy bien y con mucha personalizción, pero el personaje no puede hacer misiones ni jugar como un personaje principal. Es una pena. Yo tambien pensaba que solo era cambio de imagen, como algunos mods de Nexismods para fallout 4. Claro que Bethesda te da el creation kit y mas facil para modders. De todas formas, muchas felicidades a Nivinha por el fantastico trabajo! ?

+--------+ MESHES +--------+necroscop - Type6 = Female body shape, base for many armor conversions, and inspirationnessa - TypeN = Base for many armor conversionsexeter - Type3 = Base for many armor conversionsIzumiko - Type6m = Base for enclavescientist, stealthsuits, lingerie, mark2leather, cass, dlc05spacesuit, and powerarmor conversionsnuska - headfemale_hispanic.nifthrottlekitty - eyelashes+----------+ TEXTURES +----------+nuska - basewileecoyote1969 - Dirty Textures PSD: Thanks for this must have resource!!!Xazomn - base, MD Nurse = Lobotomite base, MD Make Up Creator = Makeup for RaidersDracomies - New Vegas Redesigned 2 Textures & Pluginsthecaptainhere - face texture base for extra racesBlame666 - TribalFlower Tattoo = playable raider baseexeter - Gecko-backed metal texture basezzjay - eyelash textureskuzja80 - AI upscaled 1950stylesuit texture+-------+ TOOLS +-------+Gerra6 - KGToolsBlender FoundationGIMPFNVedit

All folders contain an installation guide..This mod is only recommended for people over 18. I hope you all enjoy..This mod replaces lower body and upper body and breast movements .hairs intimate parts.I modified some original clothes from the game to work with the movements of the breasts.I will be working on tattoo alignment for future updates.note: tattoos for remesh take a lot of work in alignment of positions.if you have the previous versions, I recommend you to make a new installation with this version 3.0.manual installation only. so I recommend you do it very patiently.this template may replace some files from the last job.All folders contain a text file for installation not forget to backup your files before installingI hope everyone will enjoy it.

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